Jermaine Dupri definitely does not have his lady in check


Hey, I’m no male chauvinist, but even I’d have to firmly put my foot down if my lady was caught behaving like this.

And no, I don’t care if it’s on stage or not, faux mic checks would make me wonder what was really going on in that tour bus, especially if she had a clean foot on me.


I mean, look at the expression on that freak dancer’s face!  And that angle on that tail piece.. I just aint right.  But I guess she’s like 48 or something, so it’s like whatev.  Anyway, let’s not forget that Janet has a history of letting her dancers hit, too.

Oh, hell naw.  Cat are really into some other shit.  Whatever happened to just getting after some tail the old, All American way?

Jer-mang.. Please, get your lady man.  She aint doing anything for your image right here.  Be a man, take a stand.  Put this shit to a stop.

– Lake

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7 Responses to “Jermaine Dupri definitely does not have his lady in check”

  1. Be On It Says:

    So Lakey, I guess that means I won’t be using my whips on you…well if I had any. I always thought about getting some of those extra aggressive toys, but seems like black men don’t play that. And, although the feminist in me would love to dish out some good ol’ fashion whippin during congress, I could never respect a man who let me do him like Kunta.

  2. okolepuka Says:

    Take off her clothes and she is probably covered with wraps and braces and heating gels. Her veins are flowing with medication and supplements and god knows what else.

    She needs to retire gracefully. This stage show is such a steaming pile of contrived BS.

  3. Be On It Says:

    just to ruin your day, okolepuka, Beyonce is all wrapped up underneath her stage outfits too. She has at least two layers of supercontrol granny panties on every time she hits the stage.

  4. Will Says:

    Janet no doubt got a lot of steam left in career – look at Tina Turner, Cher, Madonna, etc… but yo this whips and bondage shit ain’t a good look for her. I htought she got over this freaky stage with ‘Velvet Rope’ (hot shit!). Seems like she gettin stanker and stanker as she gets older. Speaking of old and stank, I caught George Clinton and P Funk here in Austin….nothing worse than seeing 70-yr old men gallavanting and cavorting around in diapers!

  5. okolepuka Says:

    @Be On IT….Ouch!

  6. Killa Kaika Says:

    @Be On It…..I don’t know about ’em supercontrol Granny panties but B is looking good right here:

  7. KIR in NV Says:

    @Be: Lol. I’ll loan you some of my special tools to break in innocent lil Lakey right. That look in his eyes tells me he might like it ruff! Let me know which hospital to send the flowers too as he recovers from that Be beatdown. Lol.

    Even with all this crazy sado stage performance, I still think Janet is the normal Jackson. That’s one crazy family!

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