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Newsflash: Brady Quinn, medicine woman will be a bust!

April 29, 2007

Once again, Brady failed to show up on a big stage. And let’s just say it here — B dot Quinn, the craziest self-promoter to fall that far in a draft in recent memory will be a BUST!


I mean, if he couldn’t get it done against Ohio State in ’06 or LSU in ’07 what’s he going to do when the whole D is filled with the same super sick athletic guys he couldn’t do anything with before, only they’ll be better, smarter and better coached? And good luck fixing that accuracy/arm strength issue Mr. Q. I know, I know, Tom Brady doesn’t have the strongest arm or the best accuracy, but Tom is a proved winner that shows up in big games. Brady Quinn has consistently not shown up in big games, he’s the anti-Tom. Not only that, but to my knowledge, he hasn’t knocked up two celebs at once neither. Bottom line, Quinn is no Tom Brady. I’m not sure he’s even Tim Couch.

Non-n*ckas please!!!!


Video Test

April 28, 2007

This is hilarious.

Lake loves it.

The Search for the Next Doll: They were all lovely…

April 25, 2007

We’re sorry if you missed Pussy Cat Dolls Present: The Search for the Next Doll. In the end, it came down to three talented and attractive ladies. Melissa R., Chelsea and Asia, the Afro-centric blasian, half thick half amazin’.

Believe us, this was restaurant quality programming and we were glad to see that Jon Antin actually got it right! Melissa Smith, a top 4 competitor, had been a favorite of ours since Making the Band 3, and by the way, that band could use a little of what she’s got.

We all could. But in the end when she wasn’t even in the running for top 3, you just had to go with Asia, and why? Why else, because she had more thigh than KFC and an exotic look to boot.

Congrats Asia. Lovely and I love it. Looking forward to a better “cast” come next season, oh yes, the CW (my second favorite station for ignant programming behind VH1 of course) has already announced The Search for the Next Doll part Deux. Damn, they dropping dolls like Tom Brady be droppin’ babies.