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Quick question for NFL fans…

September 9, 2007

What happened to Pam Oliver? It’s something I’ve thought many times as they’ve gone to her on the sidelines, but Pam is looking a little bit, well, rough these days.


Don’t get me wrong, she’s still an attractive older woman at 46 years of age (sounds crazy, right?), but remember how tight she used to be? The old school Pam was right.


Pretty hair, great smile, xenon bright teeth, sparkling eyes and A+ collagen free lips — you just had to love Pam back in the day. I don’t know. In an era of Hollywood skinny women in their 40’s, maybe I’m just expecting too much from a beauty like Pam Oliver. At least one cat likes what he sees. Check out this video highlighting Pam’s assets.

Sure, that dude loved what he saw, he was 60 years old his damn self. At any rate, Pam aint been right since Steve Young stopped hitting that. I can’t even lie. And by the way, can Pam get a promotion or something? Babe has been patrolling the sidelines for like 20 years or something. Can she get up in the booth or maybe get her Robin Roberts on with an occasional anchor spot start? I guess it’s pretty hard for her to get a promotion with all this young talent out here closing in on her for the sideline game. Take Erin Andrews for instance:


Even with the specter of the Negative Arse holding her back, she’s still breathing down errr leaving Pam Oliver in the dust at this point. Sorry Pam, you’re a legend in the game and one of the first ladies to really do that sideline thing right. But we’ve got Bonnie Bernstein, Suzy Kobler, Rachael Nichols (yeah, I said it), and even Melissa Stark (who is clearly hot and my boy from UVa said she was a wild freak back in her college days so that’s a bonus), so Pam has some steep competition right about now.


And yes, this post was random as hell, but it just came to me as I was watching this Bears v. Chargers game. I’ve got LaDainian this year in fantasy (finally) and of course, he aint doing shit. So I gotta talk about Pam…something. One thing that’s for sure, we definitely need another credible black sideline reporter that is certified eye candy and good at what she does. And no, Lisa Salters does NOT fit that bill.


I’m sure she’s a cool and talented lady, but let’s face it, she looks like John Saunders with a perm over there.

Sorry. Just calling it straight.