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June 27, 2007

The fellas here at Us Versus Them don’t like to make broad generalizations, but when we see trends we like to point them out. I’ve seen a new one and need to bring it to everyone’s attention. Now usually this occurs during the winter, when people are all wrapped up and you can get away with the extra chili on the fries. It is the beginning of summer and people need to keep their game tight.

Exhibit 1:


Ms. Kelly Clarkson. She was one of the inaugural admittees into the thick white chick hall of fame with her soaking wet performance of “Since you been gone” a few years ago. Now she is muffin toppin’ up out of those tight jeans. She is doing her angle work on the right to try to keep it tight, but Lake isn’t going to like seeing one of his favorites go out like this.

Exhibit 2:


Lil Kim at the BET Awards last night. This actually isn’t a bad picture if you saw it live, it was actually much worse than what was here. Just because you pull the shirt down enough and the pants up high enough to create a flat part of your stomach, it doesn’t mean it is flat babydoll. You still nasty though, I’ll just remember the XXL cover a few years back when I think about you.