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Quick Rewind: Beautiful Liar

February 21, 2008

I had to come up with a new title.  This isn’t old enough to be “Classic Material”, but it isn’t new either.  I know, I know, on 106 and Park when they are about to hit you with that “old school joint” they hit you with that “Disco Inferno” off of 50 Cent’s second album.  2005 ain’t classic…assholes.  Anyway, I know why this didn’t get more run when it first came out.  Let’s peep this “Beautiful Liar” by Beyonce and Shakira.

The song is actually decent, but let’s go straight to the visuals on this one.  Can we talk about the hip roll and shake at 2:45.  Can we address the grinding buck up against the wall at 3:08…then they have the nerve to reverse it at 3:14?  Seriously?  I haven’t seen grinding like that since the “slow down last song” in high school when Brock would be giving it to the ladies.  I did my best work to “Freak Me” by Silk.  In fact, I’m going to reset that joint as Classic material.  I mean I put in work to that joint.  The break down at the end?  Sheeeeeeiiiiit.

I digress.

Look, when you mix this:


With This:


How can you go wrong?  That’s a whole lotta sexy.

Whole lotta ass too.