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Quick Rewind: Beautiful Liar

February 21, 2008

I had to come up with a new title.  This isn’t old enough to be “Classic Material”, but it isn’t new either.  I know, I know, on 106 and Park when they are about to hit you with that “old school joint” they hit you with that “Disco Inferno” off of 50 Cent’s second album.  2005 ain’t classic…assholes.  Anyway, I know why this didn’t get more run when it first came out.  Let’s peep this “Beautiful Liar” by Beyonce and Shakira.

The song is actually decent, but let’s go straight to the visuals on this one.  Can we talk about the hip roll and shake at 2:45.  Can we address the grinding buck up against the wall at 3:08…then they have the nerve to reverse it at 3:14?  Seriously?  I haven’t seen grinding like that since the “slow down last song” in high school when Brock would be giving it to the ladies.  I did my best work to “Freak Me” by Silk.  In fact, I’m going to reset that joint as Classic material.  I mean I put in work to that joint.  The break down at the end?  Sheeeeeeiiiiit.

I digress.

Look, when you mix this:


With This:


How can you go wrong?  That’s a whole lotta sexy.

Whole lotta ass too.


Review: 50 Cent v. Kanye West

September 11, 2007

I had these albums two weeks ago just got my hands on my 50 Cent and Kanye West albums.


Predictably Mr. Cent’s album has a decent song here and there, most notably “I Get Money” which I must say is hot.

I took Quarter Water and sold it bottles, for two bucks
Coca-Cola came and bought it for Billions, what the f*ck

Dude, you have to give it to 50… this cat came out of nowhere and showed far more range than anyone thought he had back in his “Get Rich or Die Trying” days.


(gotta love how cats rock the iced out Jesus piece with a gun)

I mean, who among us thought this cat wouldn’t literally die trying, really, before he got rich. But dude has shown he’s a real bitniz man. Respek.

But with that said, there is a clear winner on the who had the best album. Again, no shockers here, Kanye’s blows 50’s joint out of the water.


I know, I know, “Fiddy” claimed he’d retire if Ye sold more albums.


You gotta love 50’s Republican level game aka “yall are stupid as hell” repeated made up beef to push units whenever he’s about to drop an album. Unfortunately, this time I think he’s ushered in the discussion that maybe he really should stop rapping, because this joint isn’t all that impressive.

I contrast, with Graduation, Kanye proves again that he’s a true artist with songs we knew, Stronger and Can’t Tell Me Nothing (even though this may be the worst video ever made) and even joints we didn’t like Champion, Flashing Lights, The Glory, and Homecoming to name a few and though I could do without Drunk and Hot Girls and Big Brother (a little too much dack riding for me, but to each his own), I still appreciate all of it.


The thing about Kanye is that his soup to nuts control of every aspect of his musical production really gives you everything you want on the back end of that final product. You can listen to this stuff 50 times and it just keeps getting better. Sure, I had the pre-release, I’ll admit it, but I’ve got to go cop this joint TODAY out of respect alone.


– Lake

Ciara Exposed: 50 Cent. You’re cool with me!

September 6, 2007

In the showdown of Fitty vs. Kanye West, with both albums coming out on September 11th, I was firmly in the Kanye camp.  He’s musically better, he’s lyrically better, and that cat reaaaaaaalllly cares about the music and what people think.  In fact, after getting burned on that terrible “Get Rich or Die Trying” album, I wasn’t going to buy the 50 Cent album at all.  Then I saw this:



Ciara Half Butt Naked?  This is the best argument against digital download I’ve ever seen.  Now I want to give it a Fitty-Fitty chance of these pics being a body double.  If it is a double, that is some damn good work.  Those skrong arms and shoulders are definitely Ci-Ci.  (I know, I know…why you looking so hard Brock?  The girl is bad, what can I say?)  The legs and tail piece?  I can’t confirm.  There isn’t much out there of her straddling a cat out there on the net to compare it to.  Who cares?  It’s great.

The real question is…what the hell was Bow Wow thinking? 


Well, I don’t know what he thinks about these pictures, but he’s got to be thinking that this outfit he was rocking in “Roll Bounce” wasn’t a good look…My word!


What’s wrong with this picture?

June 25, 2007


Supposedly the Right Reverend Jesse Jackson was arrested at a gun shop protest in Chicago on Saturday. I guess the Reb was trying to make a statement about the gun industry’s complicity in the urban violence epidemic. Sure, I can buy that, but what in the hell is he doing cheesing with studio gangster 50 cent??? WTF? I mean, aside from a game recognize game, “I make it rain on these hoes” ethic both men seem to operate under, I can’t really see the connection AND 50 and his ilk are at a minimum blame worthy for their promotion of violence and general ignance. Jesse, seriously, you haven’t been responsible since MLK died on that balcony. You haven’t been relevant since you ‘ran’ for President back in 1984 and haven’t looked right since the days of the dashiki.


In all honesty, if you are going to just show up for photo ops and try to make loot off the struggle, just go the way of Creflo Dollar and Kurt Franklin, ie. openly pimping and exploiting people who are too stupid or too gullible or BOTH to know they are throwing their hard earned lootchy out the window. If I’m not mistaken, the Rev. Ed D. Cash and Rev. Pathos talked about this before… like to here it go.

– Lakey