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Monday Night Football roundup: Wildness

September 11, 2007

Chad Johnson got loose last night during his game against the Baltimore Ravens. He put on this wild Hall of Fame jacket after he scored his TD in the first half which was reasonably funny. You gotta give it up for the over size joint to account for the pads.


(what was really crazy was how one of his assistant coaches helped him put it on)

Anyway, Chad and the Cincinnati Bangles had a good night and as a consequence, so too did Lake’s fantasy football team. Unfortunately for a young man we all know and love, let’s just call him “Hock Bardon”, fantasy bliss for the Lake All-Stars meant fantasy ass-tappitties for the ATL Michael Vick Hard-ons.. LOL. It’s been a tough year for Brock man. Oh well, Us Versus Them Bowl I goes to Lakey the Don. We’ll can keep the trophy at my house, but really, it’s like it’s both of ours.. haa


It’s lovely and I love it.

I caught up with Monday Night Football just at the perfect moment. Right in time to see Chad Johnson’s ridiculous touchdown celebration. In case you missed it, here it is:

What was terrible about this thing was how long it took him to get to the celebration. Equally low was Tony Kornheiser’s over excitement (Vivaaaaaa Viagra!) about the celebration. Honestly, can’t ESPN find someone else to do Monday Night Football?



Seriously, Howard Cosell must be rolling over in his grave right now. Jaws is cool and Mike Tirico is a pro’s pro, but I can barely stand Tony on PTI, so his act on MNF is just WHAT I DON’T WANT.

That is, until I heard the JV squad for the second game.


Then, I wanted Tony back!!! Seriously, Mike Golic, Mike Greenberg and Mike Ditka sound like bad junior college journalism students trying to cover an intramural volleyball final on the intra-campus University station. They are AWFUL calling the game. For real, it’s like watching the game at your uncle’s house with 2 and a half dudes who don’t really know football, but still refuse to stop running their traps, referencing players who went to their colleges (please stop doing this) or letting anyone of the other two get a word in edgewise. These cats suck, period. The worst cat of the three is clearly Mike Greenberg who calls the game as if he’s still on his morning talk show.


It’s like, dude, you’re doing PLAY-BY-PLAY, not some old hackneyed shtick you stole from Jerry Seinfeld (like most all of your material for your morning show). Call the damn game!!! This cat jut watches the play like he’s sitting at home or something, it’s really crazy. In the first half, this fool mistook a popsicle wrapper for a PENALTY flag..


Dude, I honestly hate your show on the radio. Golic has been carrying you for years as you predictably play the straight laced cat while he plays the oaf.


But you’ve got to raise your game up, actually use that journalism degree and learn how to do your job!!! AWFUL!

ESPN, this is beneath you… Please, give me Chris Berman, Trey Wingo, Pedro Gomez de ESPN Deportes, hell, Stat Boy (by the way, how is this cat employed), somebody, anybody other than these clowns. These cats make Dennis Miller look like Peter Jennings. Make that change.