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Joba the Nut: Yankees rookie reliever suspended 2 games for throwing at Youkilis

August 31, 2007


Not since Nick Nolte and Eddie Murphy went into that alley in China town looking for Billy Bear has there been this much buzz about a rough and tough Big Indian. But Joba Chamberlain appears to be the real thing. I fall more on the Red Sox side of the Yankees v. Red Sox rivalry, but I must give credit where credit is due to Joba.


I like when a young fella comes in there and mixes it up and that’s just what Joba did when he threw 99 MPH fastballs at Kevin Youkilis’ head, not once, but TWICE on Thursday. Joba said he didn’t do it on purpose but the umpire who tossed him and MLB disagreed and hit ole boy with a $1,000 fine and two game suspension on Friday.

Hey, nobody knows what Joba really did… Only he does. Either way, I like it. I just wish the AL pitchers had to step in and bat, then things would actually be equal. Yeah, the Sox could hit A Rod or Jeter, but that’s so cat. Somebody needs to hit Big Joba right in his big ole head with a 93 MPH heater…


That will wake his candy ass up. Overall, I like it though. Nice work J, take these two days, rest up and get ready for the home stretch.