Fake or Real Part 3: You Decide


I know a few cats don’t like my Fake v. Real aka Them v Us posts, but I like a repeated theme.  Anyway, so tell me.  Is it all hers?  (Sorry for this)

AHNT.  Lord Jesus, send help fast.

– Brock err Lake (yikes)

7 Responses to “Fake or Real Part 3: You Decide”

  1. Ondrea Says:

    Who the hell is that?

  2. Killa Kaika Says:

    ok…I literally jumped….\( o_O”)/

  3. Be On It Says:

    That’s the chick who had a surgeon make her look like a cat, and her friends had her switched back cause she was off her meds. That’s why you have to keep an eye on any friends that are completely off their rocker.

  4. okolepuka Says:

    She looks like the dude from the movie Mask.

  5. Will Says:

    That is some scary shit. Is she related to Joan Rivers? Joan Rivers is all stretched the fuck out like this

  6. otis Says:

    like why the fuck would u be seen in public with that broad? hahaha wtf

  7. Pe. Riche. Says:

    What the fuk is that, and why did you post it? My stomach hurts.

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