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Jacob The Jeweler: Diamonds weren’t the only Rocks he was Slangin’

November 2, 2007


Jacob the Jeweler, known for his gaudy watches and custom “Jesus Pieces“, was hooking people up with more than that bling. He was apparently also laundering money through his company for the “Black Mafia Family” and their cocaine ring. Nooooooo, you’re telling me the guy hooking up famous people with custom million dollar baubles had spare cash around? Yeah, diamonds, ridiculous mark ups on your product and rappers everywhere? That makes you a prime candidate for the Black Mafia.

You see Jacob didn’t flip like Mike Vick and OJ’s boys though. He did the crime, so he’s doing the time. Actually flipping on the “Black Mafia Family” is probably a lot more dangerous than going out on a NFL football player or uhhhhhhh an ex-NFL football player who allegedly killed some people already.

Is this thing going to shake out like the BALCO trial, with lists of customers and confidants?


Is Diddy going to say he he thought it was only flaxseed diamonds?


Is Pharrell going to have back his gold and platinum albums in a scandal several years from now? Jacob is rocking that Kanye in the back by the way…hilarious.

Anyway, Jacob better watch his back in jail, before cats try to roll up on him. I don’t think “jeweler” is one of those intimidating professions that affords you protection in jail. Otherwise he is going to end up rolling with this dude.


Don’t drop the Ice!