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Baseball Sucks: The ‘Is Marc Ecko Famous?’ Edition

September 28, 2007

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate baseball. I just feel utterly and completely meh about it. I could take it or leave it, I can’t watch a whole game on television, I can’t watch SportsCenter when it is only Baseball season. That’s just how I feel. Part of what I hate about baseball is that twisted sense of history, those terrible inane stats. You know, slugging percentage against left-handed pitchers in the month of July with runners on first and third. Thaaat’s a BS stat if I’ve ever seen one. You couple that with the fact that the best players get the job done at the plate by getting hits a third of the time and the fact that you would be a baseball GOD if you can get that number up to 40%…I just don’t get it.

But here’s the thing Marc Ecko Milecofski of “Ecko Unlimited” fame bought the Barry Bonds record breaking home run ball for 752K in order to put a survey up online to “let the people” decide what happens to it.


The choices were to put it into the Hall of Fame as is, put an asterisk brand on it then put it in the Hall of Fame, or…get this…launch it into space. (Can you hear the laughter? Funny right? Nah, not so much) So the “people” decide to brand the ball with an asterisk and put it into the hall of fame.

This is the most stupid thing I’ve ever heard. Bonds has never been caught breaking the rules. Baseball had their head up their azz when the Sosa, Bonds, Big Mac show was saving baseball. Now, before Bonds is affirmatively convicted of anything other than putting on 50 something pounds and having a big ass head, his piece of history is going to be defaced by Marc freaking Ecko?


How much money does this guy have that he can waste money on this? Does he actually like baseball? What the hell is he getting out of this? Publicity? Sure, I’m talking about him, but I’m here to make fun of people who do stupid s#it. He got plenty of publicity when he released that turrible “getting up” video game. (and Marc, I hear you have actually argued with bloggers in the past about the game not being a complete piece of crap…but I saw that joint for sale in Best Buy for $5 yesterday. Right next to Barbie Horse Adventures, and Nicktoons Movin‘, and Army Men. So yeah, it sucks)

Seriously, who does this guy think he is? From this picture, he looks like he is on that Lake Arlington program.
I hope the people who voted for this weren’t actually baseball fans. I may hate the sport, but you’ve got to respect your history and your athletes. Marc Ecko will be a joke in a few years just like Todd McFarlane who bought Mark McGuire’s record breaking ball for almost $3 Million…that only stayed a record breaking ball for one season.