Vanessa Hudgens: White or Black?…Or both?


Now I didn’t even know who this chick was before Lake’s post on her a few days back, but even when he posted it, she looked like about three different chicks in those pictures. So I have to ask…Is Vanessa Hudgens White or Black? Let’s take a look:







Light-skinned black chick.


I’m going to go with Exotic Tanned up White here.


Semi-negative arse white babe.


No evidence here, I just like the uhhhhh, photo composition.

Well the evidence is overwhelmingly obvious, it’s been decided…

she’s Filipino!


7 Responses to “Vanessa Hudgens: White or Black?…Or both?”

  1. SNOOP Says:

    HA she’s spanish dudes

  2. A Says:

    I wish you had shown the real nude photo where she flashes her pussy at the camera. There should be a sex tape of her and Zac

  3. guy that likes vanessa Says:

    shes fucking amazing, i love her to death !

  4. jeez Says:

    i met her & and kissed her

  5. toopid Says:

    that bitch

  6. savage Says:

    (at below) spanish? its hispanic… or latina

  7. ALF Says:

    No, SPANISH as in she’s from spain, jackass!

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