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Who the Hell is Frank Caliendo?

November 24, 2007


I mean dammit, is there a channel on television that I can watch that actually won’t show an ad for Frank TV?  Does anyone actually watch anything other than Atlanta Braves games, Seinfeld and Friends reruns on TBS?  I know, I know he does the impressions of Fox Pregame, he was on Mad TV.  He does a great Madden and a decent Bush but how long is that going to last?  His Al Pacino looks crazy and isn’t that good.  He’s going to end up digging pretty deep into the bag of tricks to keep that ball rolling.  Is this show even on yet?

He actually does a decent Jim Rome.

What’s the over/under on how many shows this thing runs?  On any other network I’d put it at about a 4, but with it on TBS, he’s going to get some extra rope.  I’ll set it at 8.