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Can’t be: Reggie and Kimmy K engaged?

January 3, 2008

Come on now. Why in the hell would Reggie Bush ever get engaged to Kim Kardashian?

OK, fair enough, Kim is in fact pretty dope, even if she has been completely overexposed (NSFW). I’m on record as saying that she’s definitely the real thing. I also believe that she’s au natural, which adds a considerable amount of juice to her resume if you ask me.


At any rate, Reggie Bush can’t be engaged to this chick. It’s just not possible. Kim isn’t the babe you go out and buy an engagement ring for. She’s the chick you get drunk with, knock off in a hotel room in Vegas, temporarily lose your mind with and then perhaps make a run for one of those silly drive thru wedding chapels right before you fill out those annulment papers.


In other words, at this point, nobody with a sound mind ever gets engaged or married to Kim unless they want her for her loot cakes. Why would you? You can continue to get the Ray J level love without making any guarantees at all. And if you’re Reggie Bush, shoot, 2 years deep into the NFL, Kimmy K should just be an appetizer for a 7 course meal.


That’s right, get at it Reg. Personally, I think Reggie should be getting ready to trade up for Kim’s older sister Kourtney. To me, she’s always been intriging, just as fine only without the verifiable porno, past hubby and “used to f*ck” Ray J and Nick Cannon baggage.


I like it.


Sports WAGs = Performance on the field?

July 5, 2007

After the Stray-Rod incident we had an epiphany: You can really tell how an athlete will perform based on the babes he’s got on his team. For instance, A-Rod is seen hollering at that confirmed hizzo and next thing you know, he’s murdering the Sox and the rest of the AL with homer after homer and knock after knock (of course that’s not helping the rest of his squad, but he can’t do it all). See, that’s good chick karma A Rod’s got. So it got us thinking. Peep these Wags:

1. Andy Pettitte’s wife


Sure, Andy Pettitte has been a great pitcher with rings to prove it. Still, look at his record this season – 4-6. Hmm, maybe it’s got something to do with his wife piece or better yet, this god awful ensemble she rocked at his Yankee-one-mo-gin press conference earlier this year (I mean, what is that? Wild cheetah print with some exotic orchids and sh*t, crazy).

Hate to be harsh as I’m not quite sure Laura Pettitte used to be quite attractive. But now it’s a Yung Berg special (ie. “Hey sexy lady, it was nice to know you, but I’ve gotta move on-onnnnnn”), because her below average mug and turrible gear have finally translated to his play. Add to it that mop she’s got on her head and that strong chin piece… maybe Andy can talk to that “trainer” he, Clemens and Jason Grimsley used for your HGH and beef Roids, yep, time for an upgrade of a different sort there homey.

2. KG’s wife piece

Contrast Andy’s lady against my main man (ali g finger snap) Kevin Garnett. Ahhh, now this brother is doing it right.


Yes, classy, attractive and just appropriate. He’s got that Ne-yo “Baby you, you make me better” feel to his lady. Who can argue with this beauty? You just got to respect the man and not so coincidentally KG is on the rise. Dude is looking at a trade or free agency, or even better BOTH which could give him a shot at that elusive ring AND get him paid. Good lady karma people..oh and he wifed Brandi Padilla-Garnett too. Can’t hate on that.

3. Reggie Bush’s lady/cut buddy Kim Kardashian

And finally, one of the most electrifying figures in sports entertainment, Reginald Alfred Bush II… pure genius.


It’s no wonder Reggie won the Heisman, gets some of the highest paying endorsements and went to the Superbowl during his first year in the league. Dude selects his babes intelligently. If he saw that Ray J porno like we did, then he knows the mythical Kim Kardashian arse piece is real. He’s an LA guy so it’s just got to be done. Good work Reg. Brings LLoyd, “Get it shawty” to mind:

All I really want is
for you to back it up
go on and put your weight on it
cause it’s alright
do what you wanna
make me believe ya
ooh I wanna see ya

Get it Shawty…..


And while this last picture may be completely gratuitous, we figure more pics of Kimmy K can’t be bad for this Blog. We will continue to supply them.