Bo Knows, But Hillary Don’t Know Sports


I’ve let this slide for a few weeks but I just can’t take it no mo. Hillary Clinton and her camp have been saying that she “wants to play until the game is over”, “that you don’t tell a football team to quit just because they are down in the fourth quarter”, or that “if you were supposed to quit before you play the whole game, the New York Giants wouldn’t have won the Superbowl”.

I know Hillary, you’ve just got your rope-a-dope going, right. You’re still just waiting for your spot to land the knockout punch.

Well, today I heard Hillary say she just needed to hit the three pointer at buzzer. Dammit Hillary, every time I hear you say something like that it just makes me realize you don’t know a damn thing about sports. A three pointer? You think you are just behind by a last minute long three at the buzzer? Hell naw shorty.

Hillary in sports we have a little something called “scoreboard”, it means no matter how much junk you talk Barack can take a look back at that scoreboard and know it doesn’t mean a damn thing. Needing a three at the buzzer would mean you need just a few Puerto Ricans to swing your way and you’d shock the world. That’s not what you need. You need this guy:

To give you a three pointer, a steal with a step back three, and get fouled to drain the free throws in 11 seconds like he did to the Knicks in ’95. Then you need Jason Williams to hit you with some of this:

Then you need John Elway to run the two minute drill for you

The you would need Tim Donaghy to referee and give him a little loot to make sure “things swing your way”

And even then I don’t think you could win. Oh, I forgot, you don’t know sports…that means it is a longshot. Of course, if you take a look at Hillary and know she hasn’t played a sport in her life.

Damn, that’s worse than I thought. So wonder she prefers pantsuits.

Oh…this just in. I shared the plan with Rasheed Wallace…Hey Rasheed, Hillary still thinks she’s got a shooters chance of winning.

I know I don’t get it either.


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8 Responses to “Bo Knows, But Hillary Don’t Know Sports”

  1. KIR in NV Says:

    I dunno…maybe if she also had Man-Ram jack one with the bases loaded? Oh wait, still short. Too bad.

    A chick who knows nothing about sports? That’s completely unprecedented (not). I mean, you can’t expect all ladies to be as fly and well-rounded as the estrogen posse here at UvT. We set the bar high.

  2. Will Says:

    lmao! The ‘Sheed face is classic

  3. Will Says:

    Hey ummm….going thru the archives (great stuff) and Im wondering if we can get a MASSIVE posting/blogging/ogle-session of Natalie the Jesus Freak from BB9? Can this happen? Or did it already happen and I missed it?

  4. Lake Arlington Says:

    Close. I’m not sure if you saw or Skeezers and Hoes post on BB9.. But here it is..

    We weren’t able to cover BB9 like we wanted to, but when we move to our new site, which should be coming soon, we’ll be on it for sho!

  5. Hillary Clinton for President in 2008 - Page 64 - BuckeyePlanet Ohio State Forums Says:

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  6. raafman Says:

    Damn, I didn’t know Hill’s leg game was that soft either. Great pull, though I’ll leave the speculating on the rest of her to others. Politicians making inappropriate sports analogies is about as played out as athletes making war analogies. I’ll take a substantive forty minute talk by my main man BHO any day, thank you.

    Also, and I hate to bring this up, really, I do, but, y’all know Juan Dixon and MD came back and won a championship right? Just checking.

  7. Raf Uzar Says:

    Great stuff!

  8. Obama draws a crowd « Us Versus Them Says:

    […] can you do me a favor and drop out after tomorrow? I know, I know you’re still waiting to shoot the punt in the basket for the win at the end of the third period. Right, you can still win […]

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