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Tiger Woods Mauls the PGA

March 20, 2008

When people thought of golf, they used to think of this:


White man, white fans, they’ve even got the American flag flying in the background. Black people were caddies and on the maintenance crew. Well, that’s changed. Here was the scene this weekend.


Oh hell yeah. Mind you, this is after Tiger drained a 30 foot putt and spiked his hat to the turf like he just broke a 30 yard run between the tackles. This was not what people want to see. Especially since he was won every tournament he’s played in this season. Look Tiger, here is the only way the PGA wants to see you.


Hell at UvT we know you need to remind people how dominant you are…flex on em homey.


Look, Tiger might go ahead and win all four majors this year, The way he’s going, he might try to win all of the tournaments that he’s in this year. Jack Nicklaus as 18 majors and 73 tour wins. Tiger has 13 majors and 64 wins. At the pace he’s going, he should have the record by uhhhhh, long about next Tuesday. He really doesn’t want anyone else to win this season. Tiger is staying up in that gym, he’s going to be breaking out the 500 yard drives and 80 foot puts from the bunkers. We got an exclusive picture of Tiger’s latest workout routine.


That’s right, Tiger’s on swole and ready to roll.


Stupidity Defined: Ralph Nader is running for President…AGAIN

February 25, 2008

Can some of you Green Party kooks tell me why this idiot Ralph Nader is running for President again?


Does this guy want the Republicans to win that badly? I mean, what, does Nader sit around and think of different ways he can undermine his own stated political objectives?


“I know, why don’t we espouse a set of progressive policies, but instead of joining the side that is more sympathetic to our objectives, we’ll steal votes from them so that the group who couldn’t care less about the environment or anything else we say will win the White House, thus shitting on every single thing we strive for and believe in.”


Hell, that logic sounds eerily similar to George Bush’s plan for the War in Iraq. Maybe it’s true what they say. Maybe Nader really is just a pawn of the Republican party.


Hey, intentional or not, he certainly acts like one. Let me tell you this, if you’re a member of the Green Party who actually votes for the “Green” candidate, then you’re an asshole and an idiot. Hell, your smoldering stupidity is burning a second hole in the Ozone layer. Smarten up! But for you clowns, we never would have had to deal with The Worst President Ever!


And no, I will never forgive these fools for 8 years of “Dubyah” at the helm.

As for Nader himself, he’s completely useless to me. Actually, I’m lying a bit. I can’t lie, I almost joined the Green Party after I watched this hilarious interview he had with Ali G.

LOL.. Nader handled himself admirably there. Ha.. That was good stuff. Oh yes, I’d follow that man all the way to the Green errr White House. ahnt.

– Lake