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I’m No Tom Cruise Hater, But This Is Hilarious

March 25, 2008

Listen, I don’t get why so many people hate Tom Cruise.


Personally, I’m thankful for the guy. He’s basically been the quintessential cool white dude role model from day one. Now cats are hating on him because he jumped up on Oprah’s couch?


Yeah, that shit was odd, but so what? So dude is a bit loony, you would be too if you were isolated by fame since the age of 19. Anyway, in Lake’s book, Tom is still a cool muthafucker. I just look at what the cat has accomplished over the years and have to give respek.

1. Kid dancing in his underwear and getting his Client 9 on in Risky Business.


2. “I feel a need, a need for speed” as Maverick from Top Gun:


(Yo, look at Brock’s pops in those aviators. Shag so phat you can see if from the front! Ok, now I’m locking my office door. Can’t catch an arse kicking behind a “shag” blast. LOL)

3. And my favorite, Lt. Kaffee from A Few Good Men.


But now that he’s on this Scientology kick, people are just coming after this cat. I can’t lie, all yall religions freaks scare me, including Tom. I think you’re all nut jobs. But this little video is pretty damn funny with some hot unintentional humor from young Tommy.

That was wild. Like, I can’t tell if that’s a joke voice over or their real promotion. Anyway, the parody of it is just too good to be true. Any true Cruise fan has to love it.

That sudden burst of laughter with that classic Cruise quick stare? Just priceless.

– Lake