Edwards Endorses Obama


Long about a full month after it even mattered, John Edwards “bravely” came out and endorsed Barack Obama yesterday.

Of course, for Obama this means next to nothing. After all, he won North Carolina without Edwards’ endorsement and at this point it looks like nothing more than a cat literally jumping on the band wagon. But what does it mean for that ugly thang formerly known as Hillary Clinton’s White House hopes? I mean, Hilly C. is talking a good game, but I don’t care how much lipstick you put on that sucker, it’s still rolling around in a deeper and deeper world of shit with each passing day.

And that showdown that used to look like this?

Now is looking more like this:

Errrrrr this:

Lol… Dude, what could Hillary and company be thinking right now? They have to know that they can’t win. Like, there’s no way. What use is this? Is she just trying to angle for the VP slot? I don’t get it. One thing is for sure, ole girl has a high threshold for humiliation.

That we know. You go girl! Ahnt.

– Lake

10 Responses to “Edwards Endorses Obama”

  1. Shane Bertou Says:

    John Edwards’ endorsement of Barack Obama last night has certainly revived speculation about a possible Obama/Edwards ticket. I find the possibility intriguing.

    But I do wonder…

    Could Edwards help Obama win over the “working class” votes he supposedly can’t gain on his own? Can an Obama/Edwards ticket unite the Democratic party? Does Edwards carry too much baggage from loosing the 2004 election as John Kerry’s running mate to give it another go ’round?

  2. Jay Says:

    I respectfully disagree. Barack needed some positive press after a rough loss in West Virginia. John Edwards’ endorsement was kinda right on time, I thought.

  3. KIR in NV Says:

    I think the Blue Dress Episode told us all we needed to know about Hill’s threshold for humiliation.

    When it became obvious – like months ago, Clinton Camp – that O had this thang, I thought the politcially shrewd move would be to concede gracefully and then get the VP nod. Could an Obama-Clinton ticket be defeated? I didn’t think so. But now, with Hillary continuing to front and all the foolishness that has ensued, I am recommending to Barack (you know homey be up in here reading – ha!) that he select Edwards for his running mate. I think Edwards appeals to the working class voter, as my man Shane said above, but I also think he can gather some of those female voters who, for whatever crazy reason, are not already on board with Barack.

  4. Lake Arlington Says:


    How can Edwards win over the “working class votes” when 1. He’s convincingly lost the nomination TWICE and 2. When he’s a multi millionaire, ex ambulance chaser with plastic hair, teeth and face? I mean, I like Edwards, but if he was going to be an asset to Barack, it would have been in South and North Carolina, two places where Obama won going away without Edwards. Sure, it’s better to have his endorsement than not, but it’s of little substance and ultimately, of no consequence to anyone other than Hilly C.


    I hear you, but the momentum is clearly going to ‘Bama… West Virginia? They’ve got an ex-Klansman as their Senior Senator. Everyone knew that was coming and Kentucky will be the same. Those people will never vote Barack and guess what, it doesn’t matter.


    The type of female B needs to get on board will quickly be down once they realize that this election will tip the balance on that Roe v. Wade with these Judge appointments. I think yall are overstating the value of Edwards. What did he do for Kerry? Nah, give me Hilly C all day for that VP slot.

  5. KIR in NV Says:

    @ Lake: I agree with you on West VA. Who gives a s#!+ what they vote? They have what, like 0.0347 votes in the electoral college? I mean, do they even count?

    I do NOT want to see Hillary as VP of the Democratic ticket or I may have to reconsider my options come November and revert back to my registered affiliation (yikes). My support for Barack will be seriously eroded with her on board. I’m not a fan, never been a fan and don’t plan on joining the fan club anytime soon. Just putting that out there for B.

    And I liked John E’s timing on the endorsement as it certainly shifted some of the spotlight from Clinton’s “win” back over to the Obama campaign. Punked again!!

    On to more important news, did you catch the latest episode of Manny Being Manny? He could’ve ended up looking clowned there but instead Aubrey Huff got doubled up…WTF Aubrey? Second base was occupied! Where were you going?!?!? Lawd, I think I’m gonna have to have a special clinic for some of these guys. :smdh:

  6. Lake Arlington Says:

    Kir, all I know about them Sox is that they’ve been completely off key of late. Not quite as off key as that “registered affiliation” rhetoric you just hit me with though. haa terrible. If W can’t make you see the light, then what will? I don’t get the woman who is anti Hill. Sure she has high negatives with some of her BS, but in my mind, history alone is worth an endorsement from the female side of things. Same with Barack. I don’t get it when I black person is anti Barack, I mean what more can this cat do? Both candidates move the ball forward socially. Not enough?

  7. KIR in NV Says:

    I’m not down with Hillary because she’s one of those females that seems to give the rest of us a bad name. I was always suspect of her abilities but then she gave us that stupid mess about her “misremembered” experience in Bosnia…jeez. I’m all for the skrong female but I’m not about to elect a leader just cuz the candidate has estrogen on her side. So no, having a uterus + balls is not enough.

    Make no mistake, my vote is Barack’s to lose. And I’m not on board because he’s one of the people. I like his message and I think he brings a lot of positive leadership values to the table. It’s a bonus that he is of a mixed race ethnicity. Personally, while that does appeal to me – as a mixed race person – a person’s ethnicity has never been a factor as far as I’m concerned. I tend to weigh the plusses and the minuses and what’s in it for me before I hit the submit button. Frankly, a lot of times it comes down to who is the lesser of two evils and that really sucks. I really can’t stand these bozos who think B is “not black enough” or, on the flip side, “not white enough”, to appeal to either demographic. Those type of dipsh!t voters need to stay away from the polls until they come correct!

    Maybe you jinxed your boys somehow? If so, I would appreciate a nice little post about the Padres right now, as whatever magical powers you possess should reverse their turrible play so far. I mean Maddux needed like 6 starts to get his 350th win (thanks rotten bullpen) and my boy Peavy can’t even get a win these days. I’m afraid to watch anymore!

  8. RosyF Says:

    @ Kir: Wow. Maybe you need a shot of patron to get your mind right. Hilly C. does not give women a bad name. Her abilities are legit. So you even questioning that is off key. I am not happy with how she ran her campaign and her treatment of race is unforgiveable. I won’t even address the simplistic notion that Hillary has balls. What is wrong with women is the lack of solidarity which truly gives us a bad name.

    Mixed race…mixed with what? Aren’t most of us mixed with something. Bonus points – lawd have mercy. Is that why you wanted Babs and Senator Brooks to “break barriers”?

    I enjoy your comments on men, sports, and pop culture b/c that rhetoric makes you sound like one of them.

  9. KIR in NV Says:

    My rationale for Hillary giving us females a bad name has to do with a number of factors. One, her out in front defense of her man when he was actually playing her azz. Sure he lied to her but it makes me wonder how a smart woman like her can be manipulated like that.

    Over-representing her experience: what was all that noise about Bosnia? First she was running to the chopper, then it was my bad. If she’s gonna front about something like that, which is easily disproven, it doesn’t give me a lot of confidence in some of the other things coming out of her piehole.

    She just strikes me as a desperate woman and desperation is not an attractive quality to me.

    Obama seems as though he will be able to build consensus which is much needed after all this warmongering that we’ve been dealing with. Don’t see Hillary having the same effect.


  10. Lake Arlington Says:

    I suspect Hilly knew Bill was banging out other hizzies. Come on. She knew what she had. Her reaction, though limited, was just about getting publicly humiliated. Like Chris Rock said, if you’ve got a freak and you’re not hittin that mic check, someone else will. No? HillBilly have a business relationship that’s inextricably tied in with their married. Whatever her situation, she bought it. What do you expect her to do? Leave him while in office? Nah, that would be even crazier than staying. She was in a non win situation. But let’s be clear, women and some men, have dealt with that issue forever… it’s just now that cats would be so disingenuous to actually use it to assassinate Bill and by extension Hill, for political reasons.

    I say all of that to say that in my view, that narrow criticism of Hill, is a bit unfair. I mean, what did you expect her to do? Her Bosnia BS, terrible capitalization on racism and all that is troubling to say the least. I just hate that she’s dumbed herself down for political gain, only to fall flat on her face. Like, if you’re going to sell your soul, at least you should actually get something in return. She truly played herself with this campaign. I hate to say, but I lost respect for her and again, I happily voted for Hilly TWICE in NY, so that’s saying a hell of a lot. Terrible. Kir, dump those zeros, GOP, and get with these heroes, Lake and Brock eeeer the Dem Party. Thx.

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