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Rock Bottom: Harvard smacks Michigan Hoops

December 2, 2007

When I saw this headline, Men’s College Basketball Scoreboard: Michigan 51 , Harvard 62, I literally had to blink the sleep out of my eyes. Then I went ahead and channeled James Brown via Eddie Murphy, “jumped back, wanna kiss myself…HEEEEY“… That didn’t work.


(Tommy to Michigan administration, coaches and players: “It’s me bitches”)

Indeed, the score I saw was real. Geez. How terrible do you have to be to lose to “the Real HU?” Listen, I don’t care if it’s early in the year, pre-season, on the road, after a back to back bender, hell, it could be a summer pick-up game.  If you’re Michigan Basketball, you are never, ever, eva eva eva eva eeeeeeevaaaah to lose to Harvard University. I don’t care if they’ve got John Wooden, Coach K and Bobby Knight on the bench. I don’t care if they’ve hired JeBron James to play as a ringer. You just can’t lose to Harvard! I mean, how far have Michigan athletics fallen? First they lose to Appalachian State, then they got rocked by Oregon, beaten by Wisconsin and whooped by Ohio State. Then Les Miles ices them out for the vacant coaching job, now this.


Man, the major subplot in all of this, of course, is that Michigan just fired Harvard’s first year Head Coach, Tommy Amaker, the former Duke Assistant coach and standout player, who got a little revenge against his old team. Boy, Tommy must have really done a hell of a job with help from top tier Harvard athletes to get this win right?


Errrrr, say what?


Yeah, either that or Tommy just slapped on his favorite mock turtleneck-suit combo, went down to the computer lab and picked a bunched of dudes who looked like they might have a little game, sent them to the scorers table and whispered in their ears “Michigan sucks.” Oh well.


(Is it the way he combs his hair? Uh, not really)

Nice win Tommy, I’m happy for you bro. Michigan, honestly, you suck.


(Beilein: “You assholes, I can’t lose to Haaarvaaaaard!!!!!”)

But I think you already know that. Crazy. I’ll tell you this, it’s not the end of the world and he may not have his own players, but that loss should put a short leash on Coach Beilein’s act in Ann Arbor and the AD should be fired, period.

– Lake