Keith Olbermann Rightly Calls Out Ferraro (and Hillary) For Racism


Keith it better than I ever could. Watch it:

Let me tell you right now, I am a New Yorker. I am a lifelong Democrat. I am damn near a GOP hater. I have supported Hillary Clinton and her husband Bill from jump. One more slight like this, one more comment, one more mysterious Barack in Muslim errr African garb picture and I will NOT vote for Hillary Clinton if she turns out to be the Democratic Candidate! Moreover, I will campaign against her.


Oh yeah, Fuck Geraldine Ferraro!

– Lake

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2 Responses to “Keith Olbermann Rightly Calls Out Ferraro (and Hillary) For Racism”

  1. lindy Says:

    I love it when liberal white people- who say they love all people – say what they really feel and then everyone is sorry. I would rather have someone say they hated my race and everything about it, then smile while they stick the knife up my asshole. Black and white thinking will get you in trouble everytime.

  2. Kam Says:

    Damn Olbermann blacked out (no pun intended) on Clinton, dude is right though, I like what Obama said though when he pointed out how insane it is the imply that “being an AFRICAN AMERICAN, with the name BARACK OBAMA some how gives him an ADVANTAGE for the Presidency of the United States of America. Crazy.

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