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Alberto Gonzales hits the bricks…

August 27, 2007

Another W flunky is out of the White House. First Rove, now young Al.


Attorney General Alberto Gonzales finally offered his resignation today, he’ll be leaving on September 17th (ohh, so soon?). I’ll kind of miss the guy. I know it just turned the Republican’s stomachs to have to take up for a Latino dude (I could stop the sentence right there) who was emblematic of the fact that the GOP can’t be trusted to do anything right in government except win elections. Wait, maybe I’m just being too hard on ole ‘Berto. So his horrible decisions with regard to torture, kidnapping and detainment were international scandals that embarrassed our nation and undermined our credibility for the foreseeable future. No biggie right? Hey, at least he didn’t breed and fight dogs (that we know of) then someone might actually have to do something about this dude.


So he made a fool of himself in front of congress, acting as if he actually could not recall ANYTHING having to do with the fired US Attorneys. That was nothing. Sure, he compromised his integrity and made himself look like a damn idiot, like his boss actually is, when everybody knew better. I mean, if you couldn’t tell he was doing that for Bush and the rest of his flunkies, then you probably thought Jeremy was making the band last night. I know, I know, he “could not recall” just like that mental midget Ronald Regan couldn’t recall how he allowed the CIA to sell drugs in inner city LA so that they could fund the Contras in Nicaragua.

Nah, ole ‘Berto just debased himself for Dubyah and crew. I hope it was worth it. Actually, I know it was worth it. Alberto is about to get paid for showing his loyalty AND there’s no way he can get thrown in jail for his crimes because W will just pardon him.


Warrantless wiretaps, reduced personal freedoms, and Bush just called him a hero. Go figure. Bush said it was a shame ole Al’s name got “dragged through the mud”.. Indeed it is a shame, but Al’s name got all f*cked up because of all the dirt YOU and that Dick, Cheney, did.

“You’re doing a heckuva job Brownie…” I’ll say it again, WORST PRESIDENT EVER… What a country.

– Lake

PS- I wonder if Jenna Bush’s business partner errr fiance Henry Hagar is up for Attorney General..  Why not, right?