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The south shall rise again….?

August 28, 2007

Not if Caitlin Upton aka Ms. South Carolina is representative of that state’s best (or even prettiest). Check out how she represented her state in the Miss Teen USA competition when she was asked a question about geography.

Ummm, perhaps if the good people of South Carolina spent more time teaching their children and less time stitching and raising the confederate flag, they’d be better off.

Wow….Maybe we should just invade them…AGAIN…put freedom back on the march and then we all wouldn’t have to put up with stuff like this. Nice work, South Carolina forget the Bible belt, yall need the dictionary belt…geography belt, hell, literacy belt. oh, wait wait wait a second, it seems Caitlin is also a model. No commentary from me about the appearance of this Teen in the USA, but umm, these are interesting..


She is cute, I can’t lie..


I take it back, Caitlin is a great American, I applaud her.



– Lake