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Atlantic City Mayor Goes AWOL

October 13, 2007

So you are the mayor of Dirty Las Vegas, Vegas Jr. , Atlantic City, and you are under investigation for falsifying your military record during your campaign. So what do you do? You completely and utterly disappear. There are only a few reasons to do that:


One, you are in rehab.

Two, you are getting plastic surgery.

Three, you are leading a secret double life.

The funny thing is that there are people in his cabinet that are completely confident that he is coming back and that everyone will understand why he was gone.

Hell in Atlantic City it might be all three, he may come back as a woman with a substance abuse problem.


Tootsie in ’08.



I guess the mayor resigned after going to rehab for substance abuse issues, as predicted.  Here’s the crazy part.  He disappeared for two weeks, I guess he was only in the clinic for one week then spent the rest of his time at home.  No one thought to look THERE?  Who was running the search?