Thick white woman alert: Kimmy K (this is the remix)


Update: Check out our post with Kim Kardashian’s Playboy pics HERE!

Again, we don’t need an excuse to post these Kim K pics. For those who don’t know, that Kim Kardashian/Ray J porno was good n terrible. Good because Kim Kardashian’s body is insane, peep it:


Silky smooth and right.

It was terrible, well, because Kim wasn’t as active as you’d want from that body. I mean, you’re just expecting a Michael Jordan type performance (or at least a Paris Hilton type performance) and what we really ended up getting was Sebastian Telfair-esque. Don’t get me wrong, she did excel in a few key areas, just not the full performance I expected. At any rate, here are a few more gratuitous Kimmy K, thick as she wanna be pics. Enjoy.


Classy, smart, smooth and just what you want. I mean, I’m trying to make this tail piece out to be a fluke, but it just isn’t. It’s all her. Great.

– Lake

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16 Responses to “Thick white woman alert: Kimmy K (this is the remix)”

  1. Blackie Says:

    methinks (my opinion) she ain’t totally white. The water’s been muddied somewhere down the line.

  2. mookie Says:

    haha that boy said sebastian telfarish

  3. Big R Says:

    Er-uh Blackie… she’s not white. She’s Armenian. Big tipper??? When you see a last name ending in “IAN”, more than likely, the person is of Armenian decent.

  4. Blackie Says:

    I know it–IAN means SON. But you go back far enough in the Middle East, The Caucusus (true Caucasians ain’t white-ask any Russian skinhead), “Asia Minor or Major”, there’s an African genesis goin’ wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy back. She has a sista’s shape and look at her lips–damn straight, she ain’t white. She may not be totally a sista, but she’s a cousin!

  5. Lake Arlington Says:

    Blackie, in this country, she’s white bro. I hear what you’re saying, but with that logic we’re all from Africa and Brock would be right when he clowns me for wanting to be Black.. You’re getting all technical, but ’round these parts, Tiger Woods is black, Kim Kardashian is white or “other” and Jennifer Lopez is Latina or if you’re in the North East “Spanish”… everything else is just semantics, no?

  6. U S of A Says:

    I changed my mind Lake. Your cool now.

  7. XXX Says:

    What a shame,nothin but anutha trashy ass slut.

  8. Rude Dogg Pablo Says:

    Technically anyone from anywhere in Europe, the middle east, North Africa, and parts of Asia are Caucasian aka “white”. There are only 3 races in the world, Caucasoid (Caucasian/white), Negroid (Negro/African/black) and Mongoloid (Asian/oriental/Indian etc.). Everything else is just a mixture of the three. Then you factor in culture and nationality and that’s where we get our diversity within the 3 races. Skin color isn’t a good racial classifier, highly visible, not terribly accurate (some Caucasoid races are darker than some Negroids and there is a huge range of variation). Study some Anthropology and you will be greatly enlightened. Check out this article on the “Races of Man”.

  9. Samhain Says:

    Glad to hear she ain’t white. If she wuz, I’d jus haf ta kill mysef… being a country ass hick n dall…. ya hear?

  10. Malia Richards Says:

    Thanks for clearing that up Rude Dogg Pablo, I am definitely going to read that article. I think that if people would look at race in those terms then we would be alot less racist.

  11. Some Pictures Don’t Require Words « Us Versus Them Says:

    […] just imagine Kim Kardashian was good in bed and gave good head.  Unfortunately (fortunately?) we know both aren’t true.  I mean, I’ve heard both aren’t […]

  12. rog Says:

    hmmm. most armenians see themselves as white. and the majority do not look like her, they look like her youngest sister does [fair skin and white features].

    darker armenians are around though. alot of people tried to conquer armenia over time, so perhaps some iranian genes are there…but they are a white group overall. blue/green eyes are common amongst them as is blonde hair. same deal with southern italians, they are white but some are darker skinned.

    as for her saying shes not white [if she said that]. no surprise, shes all hollywood and dates black guys, shes a self hater. shes kinda ugly anyways…if it wernt for her ass i dont think shed be even a blot on the radar..and her ass, in bikini shots atleast, seems to be mostly fat, it doesnt look firm at all.

  13. ok Says:

    shes armenian u dumb ppl

  14. jim Says:

    she is not white she’s armenian

  15. Brock Hardon Says:

    I’ve heard. And I’m not Black, I’m a brown-skinned ATLien.

  16. nino Says:

    kim is just like a fucking bitch

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