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Big Brother 8: What wrong with America’s player?

August 29, 2007

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OK, it’s pretty easy to joke Eric aka America’s player on Big Brother 8.


(let’s just start with the people’s eyebrow)

After all, he’s goes out of his way to show you that he’s “just a 5 foot 7 inch Jewish boy” whatever that means… I guess it means something to Amber though, but I’ll leave the anti-semitism out of this post. At any rate, this dude Eric, no matter what you think about his “game play” has a golden opportunity to get at a chick who is waaaaay above his pay grade.


(it’s all about the hip)

Say what you want about Jessica, but she’s got some tools. I’m sure she’s got the bottle blond hair and the enhanced chest piece, but you can’t fake that aerobicized body and easy going personality.. and did I mention that body?


I mean, homey has already told us he’s got no game and I’ve watched him, he’s right. Dude looks like he’s about to giggle and ask for a cookie when he should be getting in there, closing the deal on some nookie. I mean, they’re stuck in a house for goodness sake. It’s got that “if you were the last man on earth” feel to it and he IS the last man and he knows this chick is down. What’s he waiting for? Crazy.

And no that terrible “America’s kiss” does not count, neither did that one kiss he did before that. He’s got to get in there while the getting it good.

– Lake


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It’s Hard Out Here For a Shrimp…

July 19, 2007

With the news of the new Hobbit movie (sans Peter Jackson), I was thinking about the Lord of the Rings movies and noticed something.


Okay, lets break this down…starting from the left. My man Mikey from the Goonies, Rudy himself, Sean Astin has been working since 1981. He’s straight, he’s got a job.

Elijah Wood, same deal. First of all he was making that main character, Frodo money for this job. So he probably got paid even if he never worked again. But he has also been working since the 80’s (first role, “video game boys” in Back to the Future II? Who knew? Thanks imdb!) and has been working since. The poor man’s Tobey Maguire will keep on keeping on.

Dominic Monaghan, nee “Merry” of Hobbit fame. He wasn’t much before this role, but was able to parley it into three strong seasons as Charlie Pace on the UvT fave show Lost. We are sure to see more from this cat in the future…even if we don’t, he is hitting costar Evangeline Lilly….so yeah, he’s a winner.

Then we get to my man on the far left…who the f*ck is he? I mean, I didn’t know before and I still don’t know now. He was in a BS role in the movie, he is still the second most famous Pippen, after Scottie, and he hasn’t broken out as a stand-alone star. This dude is going to be a Hobbit for the rest of his damn life. Big feet, wet hair, shrunk to midget proportions by movie magic. This cat is destined to be one of those cats who is remembered as their character forever. That sucks.

Maybe there is a help program that can be put together for little cats. Bow Wow hasn’t worked since Like Mike.  Now that I think about it, my man Verne Troyer of mini-me fame hasn’t had a job in years.


Verne, are you chunking them deuces on your own career homey? Because it is ovaaaaaahhh.