Fuck Kelly Tilghman


I’ll say it again. Kelly Tilghman should have been fired for her lynch Tiger comment.


I’ve already said why before. Nobody that I know goes to a nice lynching joke over a beer or a bottle of bones farm, ok? Fuck her and fuck the Golf Channel that only gave her that perfunctory suspension after Al Sharpton made a little noise. It’s quite clear to me that language like that is acceptable to the Golf Channel, something that doesn’t surprise me in the least. On-air today, she said this:

I’m Kelly Tilghman. It’s an honor to be with you again,” she said. “In a recent live broadcast, I used an inappropriate word that was offensive to many. Over the last two weeks, I’ve taken this time to reflect and truly understand the impact of what I said. While I did not intend to offend anyone, I understand why those words were hurtful. I am terribly sorry for any hurt that I’ve caused. I would like to express my deepest apologies.”

If Tiger Woods would rather cash checks and pose with his wife, baby and two mutts instead of stand up and say unequivocally that what she said was unacceptable, that’s his business.


It doesn’t make it ok and it certainly doesn’t mean that we should all just let bygones be bygones. Tiger has a right to be gutless, shallow or self-interested (pick one or all three) if that’s his cup of tea, but people shouldn’t mistake his silence for acceptance of the remarks made by Tilghman or the actions taken in response by the Golf Channel.

Not good enough. Just bring me her head. Thanx.

– Lake


One Response to “Fuck Kelly Tilghman”

  1. Jeff Gordon Says:

    Clearly, your lack of intelligence and limited vocabulary requires you to use four letter words and criticisms directed towards people whom you don’t even know. It is sad to know that there are people like you who need these defenses to justify their existence.

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