A&E loves racists, welcomes Dog back to work


Ones of people were shocked when Duane “Dog” Chapman and his skank wife were re-upped for their show Dog the Bounty Hunter after a three month vacation.


A&E said they were “pleased with Dog’s progress” after Dog used the N word several times in reference to his son’s black girlfriend.  Pleased with his progress? Doing what? I mean, how does someone become un-racist anyway? It kind of reminds me of Ted Haggard who first told us he wasn’t a Rule No. 1 violator until he finally admitted it.. Then homey comes back from anti-gay camp free and clear of sin?


Is that what Dog did? Suddenly, he’s going to be ok with one of his trailer trash daughters going out with black dudes? Come on. The show is trash and A&E clearly had this planned all along.  And isn’t it hilarious how the most uneducated, bullshit and poorest of white folks are the ones who are most racist?


I mean, where do these people get off talking shit about anyone, let alone some chick who happens to give Dog’s musty rag rat son a sniff.  I understand that A&E feels a need to appeal to that highly lucrative “hillbilly” market, but just tell me that, don’t come with this nonsense about his alleged progress.  Going on Larry King and some sold civil rights activist’s radio program is not progress, it’s following a script.


Fuck A&E and definitely fuck Dog, his wife, son and his bullshit ass show.

– Lake

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One Response to “A&E loves racists, welcomes Dog back to work”

  1. lifeisacookie Says:

    Classy network, eh?

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