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Kelly wants Tiger Woods Lynched Part 2

January 10, 2008

I just heard that Kelly Tilghman has been suspended from her job at the Golf Channel for two weeks as a result of her “young golfers should lynch Tiger Woods in a back alley” racist blast. In case you didn’t see it, here’s the comment.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

As I said before: Not good enough. Again, that’s not a “N-word” slip up or a off color comment about some a miscellaneous Afro, oh no, that was 1. knowledge of racist statement, 2. application to a situation of white dudes and a black man and 3. execution of said statement IN CONTEXT. Shit, even this guy thinks two weeks isn’t good enough.


Pissed off man. I’ll say it again… I have no love for Kelly Tilghman and she should be FIRED! Nothing less is acceptable. People who think it was just an innocuous comment don’t understand the South, don’t understand Southern racism and don’t understand the history…. people like me and Kelly, we do. Trust me, she’s racist.

– Lake

Golf Analyst: “Lynch Tiger Woods in a back alley”

January 9, 2008

Sounds crazy, right? It is. And you’ll be surprised who said it.


Right, a pretty white woman from South Carolina. Go figure. This chick, Kelly Tilghman, made the comment ON-AIR Friday during the Mercedes-Benz Championship PGA Tour event in a conversation she was having with golf great Nick Faldo. She suggested that the younger players on the PGA Tour should “lynch Tiger Woods in a alley.”

Vodpod videos no longer available.So cute. Hey, for all you newly discovered racist (and that’s all she is, just a discovered one) apologists, you can save your breath about Kelly not being a bigot. Believe you me, SHE IS RACIST. No doubt, despite popular belief, racists don’t just look like this:


They also look like this:


And bigots don’t just look like this:


No question, they can also look like this:


Kelly is racist, believe me. How many of you out there just see a black person and immediately make a crack about historical racial oppression? Not many. It’s just not what people do (well, not most people). You know why, because this brand of racism just isn’t on most people’s radar screen. They just don’t have all the pieces to be a solid racist in 2008, but Kelly does.

In order to be a good racist you have to 1. have knowledge of the racist dig you want to deliver, 2. apply it appropriately in context and 3. have such a wanton disregard for the group you’re about to disparage that you’re willing to do it publicly. Kelly did all three and came up big in the clutch. She just went ahead and said it on the air like it was no big deal. Like you hear shit like that on national sports broadcasts all the time or something. I mean raise your hand if you think it was her first time using the word “lynch” with reference to a black person.


Nah, fuck that. Unless you’re gonna go ahead and dig up her Grandpappy who probably lynched Blacks down there in South Carolina, Kelly should be immediately fired from the Golf Channel. And consider where she’s from, North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina!!! It’s not exactly the most progressive place in the world. I’ve been there actually, Kelly would know as most Duke grads do, that Duke students go to Myrtle Beach after finals. When we went, this is literally what we found.


This is a picture of a restaurant in Kelly Tilghman’s hometown. She grew up on a golf course, please note the “Golf Packages Welcome”…you think Kelly hasn’t gone to eat there? You think someone who is from a place where racist symbols like this are accepted and THEN goes on TV talking about lynching a black golfer isn’t racist?!?!


And yes I heard that she offered a retraction. Hey Kelly, apology NOT accepted! If she is retained, then golf in general and the Golf Channel specifically, is exactly what we thought it was: a place where sentiments like these are accepted and welcome. I know, I know, these people aren’t racist anymore, it’s all in the past. That’s why Fuzzy Zeoller said what he did about to Tiger Woods after her won the Masters for the first time.

Now I see why Tiger works out as much as he does.


With all these supposed “friends” of his dropping racist blasts on him, I’d hate to hear what his enemies say about him. I can tell you one thing, with these shady racist southerners running around, he best not stop until he looks like this.


You never know, some of Kelly’s good ole boys from SC might take her up on her offer and take Tiger ’round the wood shed.
Fuck Kelly Tilghman!


The South comes to their senses as Huckabee rises

December 17, 2007

Yes indeedy, finally realizing that they don’t trust Mormons.


That they hate gays.


And love guns.


The Southern Republicans are finally saying what I’ve said for months, that they need yet another white dude, who talks about Jesus, hunting, low taxes and governing (in that order) for their Presidential candidate.


I mean, isn’t it obvious that Mitt was pro gay, pro abortion, hell, pro Democrat, back when he needed to be? And now he’s trying to change up?


Nah, I don’t think so. Similarly, Rudy was IN DRAG, pro gay, anti gun and pro abortion his entire career and now he’s suddenly some kind of solid social conservative?


Nah, you can’t fool the Southern Republican! Where’s the intolerance? Where’s the simplicity? Sure, they’re both pandering, but it’s not insincere enough. I mean, you gotta really get in there and appeal to their most basic stupidity like ole Dubyah, a dude who really grew up in Connecticut, did back in 2000.

I know one thing, they better hurry up, because a slow talkin’, southern drawlin’, ice tea sippin’, Reverend, Brother, Deacon, Dr. Gobner named My-ike Huckabee is sneaking up on them and he speaks their language.


He’s keeping it real.


I kind of like it actually. Go ‘head Ma-Eye-Ike. At least we know where you’re from and what you’re about. See, they understand My-ike and My-ike understands them.


He jus- lie one-a dem. Sure he’s a little soft on his racism, but he can improve on that. He’s surging in the polls I tell you. I like it, I started to think America had lost it’s mind. Good to see I can rely on the backwards, non progressive and ignorant Southerner GOP types that I’ve grown so accustomed to.

I can tell you this, if you’re a illegal errrr non-citizen, immigrant to the United States and you don’t have your damn paperwork contemplated, filled out, signed, sealed and delivered, you might as well book your flight back home early, because this coming year is going to be a bitch for yall. Well, that is unless you’re a white Cuban or from Europe… My GOP friends tell me that you can stay. 😉

God Bless Amurica,

-Lake W.

Arthur Blank is an Asshole

December 13, 2007

Check this interview with Arthur Blank, owner of the Falcons last night when asked to talk about Michael Vick’s opportunity to come back to the Falcons.

Did he say the only thing that could hold him back was Fried Chicken and Fries? Damn, tell us what you really think. I guess watermelon is cool since it is fruit, huh? Should he stay away from government cheese and rap music too?


In his half baked apology, some PR hack said that Blank was referring to all fatty, unhealthy foods, using Fried Chicken as an example. Yeah, thanks Fuzzy Zoeller. Look, here are some words you should never use when discussing Black people. Fried Chicken. Watermelon. Monkey or simian of any type. Boy. Nappy Headed Hoes. Afro AmericanNi**er.

While we are on the subject, the Falcons are a damn debacle at this point.


How does a NFL coach just tap with two games left in the season after getting drug on national TV by a mediocre New Orleans Saints team? It can’t wait two weeks? Arkansas isn’t going to pull down a five star quarterback about to sign with USC because Bobby Petrino is the new coach.

It will be 2011 before the Falcons are scheduled to play on Monday night again. Dammit!


Mitt Romney talks religion in Texas

December 6, 2007

Today, Presidential hopeful Mitt Hendrickson errrr Romney tried to explain away his religious beliefs to a bunch of zealots and freaks down there in the heart of Texas. Thanks Mitt, but I’m quite sure we already know what you’re about. We’ve all got HBO.


I just want to meet that Margene. She’s a handful, aint she?

Oh and Mitt, don’t bother with those lunatics down there in the “Bible Belt.” Bigotry and racism doesn’t just wash off with Hurricane Katrina water and guess what, THEY DON’T LIKE YOUR KIND, never will. It takes some time for those old coots to die off, get some edumacation and such.

Then again, up until 1970s, your religion thought blacks “carried the mark of Cain” and you guys did officially say the only way a black person could receive salvation from your Heavenly Father was as a slave….Wow, so righteous! So come to think about it, maybe you and them good fellers down there will get along jus’ fine. Only, be sure not to mention Massachusetts, Utah, Harvard, Priesthood Holders, your previous position on abortion, and definitely don’t talk about your boy Roman Grant, his son Alby or the compound.


Take cur now, ya hee-ya?

– Lake, living ‘the Principle’ errryday

Trent Lott: “I am a Gay American….sike(?)”

December 6, 2007

Whoa nelly. This joint is almost too good to be true. I mean, how hilarious would it be for Trent Lott, United States Senator from Mississippi to be a closeted gay dude messing with gay male escorts on Sunday and then passing anti-gay laws on Monday.


Well, that’s exactly what the anti-Lott and anti-GOP hypocrite crowd is saying he’s done. They also say that this scandal is the real reason for Trent’s abrupt retirement on Monday and not because of some timing issue associated with his lobbying carrer. Who knows, but supposedly this Benjamin Nicholas, the man he’s been linked to, is some kind of gay prostitute to the stars. He also writes a blog about his encounters and even gives advice to aspiring male hoes (nice). Despite this ridiculous tomfoolery, I guess dude is known for his discretion and “professionalism” (what?) as a male hizzoe.. haa Like homey wrote a stinging rebuke to that gay prostitute that outed the sinister minister Ted Haggard.


He said girlfriend violated the “uncomfortably buff gay male prostitute fucking with a hypocritical lying piece of chit” code of ethics. Hmm, I wonder if they’ve got a handbook. When Goldie was telling us about the virtues of a good hoe up in that planetarium, somehow I don’t think he had ole rubber neck up there on his mind.


Anyway, Larry Flynt and a few other sources say Lott does like to swing from the other side of the plate and supposedly they’ve got phone and email records to prove that he DID meet up with Ms. Nicholas. Now Benjamin, the self-proclaimed honest hoe, has said that even if he did bang out Trent he wouldn’t tell. He added that:

“Trent is going through his fair share of scrutiny right now and I don’t want to add to it.”

Then he said:

“As I said before, Lott has quite a bit on his plate right now and I don’t really want to add fuel to the embers.”

What? I don’t know about yall, but homeboy sounds very comfortable with Trent’s name, the man himself and “what he’s going through”… A little too comfortable.  Well, we know Trent is boys with Larry Craig, he was a cheerleader in college and he’s up in that barbershop quartet..


(the three Amigos, in that way)

All very suspect.


Damn man, sunofabitch. Now I really dislike Trent Lott, but when I think of my racist, bigoted, backwards assed politician that I despise, I at very least want him , as Harold Ford, Jr. put it, to like women and football (in that order). I don’t need my segregationist out there on the farm helping the boys over the fence and I certainly don’t want to see him hoisting up the banner with the fellas.


Damn, it’s all a little bit too Pulp Fiction rape scene for me, by the way, that scene in Pulp Fiction that “get some” scene..worst scene in cinematic history.. Just hands down. American Me was tough too. Ugly. Trent, I never thought I’d have to say this to you and honestly, I’ve got some mixed feelings about it, but:


Haaa, I never get tired of doing that. Good riddance…asshole. And Larry, when you get that extra information on this cat, “shout me a holla dun.”

– Lake

Memo to Cleveland Indians fans: Lose the racist sambo mascot

October 21, 2007

Seriously, if you have a modern day Sambo as your team logo, you don’t deserve to win anything.


And maybe that’s why you haven’t won a World Series since 1948, it’s bad racism karma. I know, I know, it’s not offensive, it’s just that some local baseball team name and mascot are a part of your personal heritage (along with hoes, hot dogs, beer and kettle corn) and your buddy Cody, whose grandfather was “pure Cherokee” doesn’t find it offensive so why should anybody else. Believe me, I know.


Look, if I’m not mistaken your mascot “Chief Wahoo” loosely translates to “stupid Indian” so you’re not honoring anybody except your fat, stupid, loser beer soaked egos by keeping that disgrace plastered on all your gear, your stadium and your reputation.


Are you serious? Mocking a people who were (they are mostly DEAD) the indigenous inhabitants of the Cleveland area, people who were disrespected, burned off their land, mass murdered and then actively eliminated for sport… NICE. Very Classy. Why don’t you go ahead and pay homage to Slavery for your next Cleveland franchise or how about a play off of the holocaust, that oughta fire up the cosmopolitan and cultured fan base from Cleveland.


I hope the Sox stick that bat straight up you ass in Game 7. You losers deserve it.

– Lake