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Republicans Stoop To A New Low…AGAIN

June 13, 2008

I continue to try and convince my friends that these Republicans are friends of no one, but here’s their latest bullshit tactic to try and dirty up Barack Obama, a mufucka who is objectively better than nearly all of them.

Right, if you can’t beat him, make disrespectful and racist (I know, I know, it’s not racist and I must be the one who is racist if I see it that way..right) references to the man’s wife, who is also better and more competent than 99.9% of you as well. And then look who is doing the talking. A sold Asian broad, with inferior credentials, who lies for a living.

Fox News is such a joke. Only an idiot would actually watch that foolishness and truly regard it as real news. Meanwhile, the Republican who runs changes, but the tactics never do.

All these assholes are the same. Time to run ’em up out of here too.

– Lake