Republicans Stoop To A New Low…AGAIN


I continue to try and convince my friends that these Republicans are friends of no one, but here’s their latest bullshit tactic to try and dirty up Barack Obama, a mufucka who is objectively better than nearly all of them.

Right, if you can’t beat him, make disrespectful and racist (I know, I know, it’s not racist and I must be the one who is racist if I see it that way..right) references to the man’s wife, who is also better and more competent than 99.9% of you as well. And then look who is doing the talking. A sold Asian broad, with inferior credentials, who lies for a living.

Fox News is such a joke. Only an idiot would actually watch that foolishness and truly regard it as real news. Meanwhile, the Republican who runs changes, but the tactics never do.

All these assholes are the same. Time to run ’em up out of here too.

– Lake


8 Responses to “Republicans Stoop To A New Low…AGAIN”

  1. Will Says:

    Ugh man. Michelle Malkin….Yo I cant even stan looking at this chik! Such a corporate media whore.
    Never seen a person/woman sell themselves so low for the glory of ‘Whitey’ – even for a Neo-Con. My first instinct is to dick-slap the shit outta her… but that would be too honorable for her azz to get slapped by my nizzoids. If ever a chick needed a nice pimp-slap across the face. A good healthy A Pimp Named Slickback ass-whippin’. Not even women-bashing here, but i really would luv to slap the shit outta Michelle Malkin. Ugh!

  2. DHater Says:

    I’m not saying that MM didn’t come low on Michelle…but let the record reflect that on her first “world stage” moment after Barak won the Senate seat, she did introduce him at the victory rally as “my baby daddy.” I saw that sh*t live on C-SPAN. Look it up.That’s the problem with her. You never know when she is going to have one of those moments when “keeping it real goes wrong”.

  3. okolepuka Says:

    You are a fool if you think the D party is any better than the R party. Both suck and are corrupt.

    Go ahead and cling to the Ds, if that gives you a sense of purpose, but all you are doing is supporting the status quo.

  4. Lake Arlington Says:

    Am I a fool for believing that? Haven’t the past 8 year proved that clowns like yourself are completely wrong and naive to believe that “they’re all the same”? See, that’s what got us 8 years of George Bush. No thanks. I’ll ignore people like you who offer nothing I want and align myself with people who have values AND power such that my interest are actually promoted. See, I’m not into moral victories or losing with honor. I want to crush my adversaries and win. You and Ralph Nader can sit back, feel good about whatever it is you believe and remain in the no impact camp.. Thanks but no thanks.

  5. Lake Arlington Says:

    DHate, fair enough, but we all know exactly what that post was about. But I hear you, if she said that, that was a stupid arse thing to say.. Horrible.

  6. Be On It Says:

    I saw on another sight and they produced the following analysis: Michelle Obama said my babies’ daddy, plural, as in father of my children, not “baby daddy,” as in some dude that knocked me up and didn’t marry me. And, let’s be real, we all know the reason why they picked THAT term to reference to a black woman.

    Funny how Malkin talks all kind of racist trash on Fox, especially on how vile and corrupt black people are, but she did not have a word to say about the Asian students caught up in that Duke cheating scandal. Guess she’s got the Tiger syndrome (I’m not one of them, so don’t associate me with that group).

  7. okolepuka Says:


    Don’t get me wrong, I am voting for Obama, but I am doing it the same way I would use a bucket to scoop water out of a sinking Titanic.

    The Democrats regained the House and Senate in, what, 06? What the fuck have they done? Nothing.

    Both are corrupt. To believe so strongly in a political party can lead to nothing but disappointment and disillusionment.

    Just saying, don’t expect the Ds to be like the messiah, it ain’t gonna happen.

  8. okolepuka Says:

    At some point either a clean break needs to happen with the Ds or at least a purging where we can refill the ranks with new blood.

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