Report: Reade Seligmann seeking indigent skrippers in Providence for NEXT payday



Look, we talked about this before and we here at U v. T actually liked Reade Seligmann and wished him well at Brown University. If you recall, he said this about his departure to Brown.

“I appreciate the support and loyalty of my teammates and coaches at Duke….I will miss them. I know that they will understand why I cannot return to Duke. I have been proud to be a part of their team, and I am grateful for the support they have given to me over the past year.”

Yeah player, we understand. Typically when you take part and figure prominently in f&cking over an entire city, University community, and thousands of Alumni and get paid for of it, you may not want to roll on back through SAE for a brewski with Jurgens and Schultzy for sh*ts and kicks.


Don’t get us wrong, Reade isn’t a monster, he just gets paid like one and doesn’t mind holding Duke over a barrel and collecting for a tidy year’s work of tear-jerking, power tripping and hitting the 60 Minutes talk show circuit like he’s running for Governor or something. And let’s not act like this is Duke giving a mea culpa…nah, it’s a, “this sh*t is a nightmare, so let’s break these crumb snatchers off with a little cheese”. But at least he’s not as bad as fellow paymates Colin “the Garden City thug” Finnerty or the righteously indignant, savior of truthiness, justice and the privileged way — David “Square jaw, sponge pants” Evans who actually threw the party.

Indeed, dude was a probably good guy caught up in a bad situation because of the actions and inactions of his coach (who is also getting paid), captains, teammates, an overzealous prosecutor (who happens to be a Tar heel, no shocker there) and the media run amok. Still, Duke ends up paying Reade (and each of the other two idiots) a reported $4 million (he sought $8 million) for his trouble??? Why? Duke didn’t call up those strippers. Duke didn’t attempt to insert a broom up a chick’s arse and Duke certainly didn’t shout out racial slurs in the open air, right across the street from East Campus. I can hear you now…

“But Reade did none of those things Lake”

Maybe he did, maybe he didn’t. But I don’t see him or his teammates taking the high road and exposing the people who did. The whole situation was unfortunate, but when you start banking millions of dollars because of some bullsh*t that you and your boys did?


That’s when I part ways with you. These guys are amazing. They f*ck up as a collective, the sh*t goes horribly wrong, and now you’ve got Reade on tv crying like a beeyotch about how he felt when stripper picked him out of a picture lineup? Tony Soprano said it best when he had a similar conversation with Chrissy at his grille, “so what, deal with it…show some balls!

Reade, you are a thief. You robbed Duke with a gun.


The only reason why you got over is because nobody from Duke wants to deal with the mess you and your boys made. You cats should own it instead of pointing the finger all over the place. Enjoy the $4 Million son. Perhaps you could buy a strip club in Providence, get someone else to sexually assault and/or humiliate one of your skrippers, have her falsely accuse you (then PAY HER OFF, allegedly) and then you can screw Brown for another $4 million or so. Hell, this might be a hot business model for Dave Evans to pitch to his bosses over at the bank. One thing I know for sure, if you’re ever having a party with hoes, racism and $4 million at the end of the rainbow, call me, I’m all in bro.

6 Responses to “Report: Reade Seligmann seeking indigent skrippers in Providence for NEXT payday”

  1. Finnerty Lands at Loyola…Reade snickers « Us Versus Them Says:

    […] Reade Seligmann hits us with a “this is why I’m hot” middle finger en route to Brown, a reasonable Duke […]

  2. Libby Says:

    Let’s face it…kids go to school to get drunk and have sex. The colleges are the pimps because they take $30,000 to give the pinheads (and their parents) an academic “lap dance.” Then, when the party is over, everyone gets to pay the government (biggest pimp) back with 4 percent interest. The colleges know quite well what goes on under their latin motto of “succus et fuccus” The lacrosse players aren’t the only ones hiring the strippers. And as for the strippers, sure Ms. Magnum (the alleged Duke rape victim/psycho) was a student just working her way through school, just like Brittany Spears is a single mom just trying to get by. Were these boys privileged…you bet! Here is a little advice. You don’t want to get in trouble – of all kinds – back off the strippers. You want a little respect…don’t strip. Holy Shit, I did learn something in my one year at USC!

  3. seriously Says:

    How fucking pathetic is this blog. You don’t know the kid at all. Your “facts” are so incredibly false it’s frightening. You act like the kid is a sex fiend who is constantly hiring strippers. Have you ever even spoken to him personally? No, of course not. You’re just abitter asshole who blames their life’s problems on the rich white kid. Good job, real convincing argument.

  4. Lake Arlington Says:

    Right, only one problem, I am a rich white kid.. lol. So what, now I’m blaming my own problems on myself? That makes sense. Only a simple mufucka like yourself would assume the author was black. And don’t speak on who I do and do not know, ok? Here’s a fact for you to internalize, get off my dick. You’re a lightweight, but you aint that light. Thanks.

  5. youre a tool Says:

    no one said they thought you were black. I’m surprised you actually think smart people will agree with your bullshit…you have no evidence to back up the harsh accusations youre makikng on these poor guys- youd think theyve dealt with enough.
    so with that being said- quit being such an ignorant fag. youre only making a fool of yourself

  6. Lake Arlington Says:

    Ha.. I guess you told me.

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