Oh hell no: Racist Obama T-Shirts in NYC


Look, I don’t advocate violence.  Well, actually I do.  But this cat right here, Apollo Braun, who is selling these T shirts out of his Manhattan store, YES, I said Manhattan, as in, NEW YORK CITY, needs a chin-checking.

This is what this cacksucker had to say about his “design”:

For a lot of people, when they see Obama, they see a slave. People think America is not ready for a black president.  I can’t stand Obama,   That’s the only thing I like about him is that he’s black. He opens the door for other minorities.  He reminds me of Adolf Hitler.  He’s a Muslim.

This cat Apollo is Israeli born and obviously doesn’t quite get this whole race in America thing.  Oh but he’s gonna learn and my guess is that he’ll learn very quickly.  This aint the West Bank where you can just roll a tank over a dude with hate in his heart and a rock in his hand.  You fuck around like this and cats will legitimately fuck you up.

That was a WILD video by the way.

I can’t believe ANYBODY, let alone this Olive Oil looking mufucker would have the balls to peddle these shirts in NYC of all places.  And yes, so dumb ass grad student got her ass beat and spit on (good) for rocking the $69 “Obama Is My Slave” shirt.  Now it’s one thing to sell the shirts, but who actually buys these joints?  And if you buy one, what would make you think you could EVER actually rock the thing?  I hate to say it, but it must be a foreign cat who either doesn’t speak the language or who literally doesn’t know anything about America, right?

And the New Yorker thought that people would get the “irony” of their cover.

We would hope that the American public would get that it’s satire.  Right, that’s why the “American Public” reelected Bush and is apparently rolling around with Obama Slave shirts.  Idiots.  He’s got other ones in his store too:

“Jews Against Obama”

“Obama = Hitler”

“Who Killed Obama”

Jesus.  I just hope for his sake that he just catches that stiff ass whoopin, lest I have to start marketing my own pre shrunk vintage cotton crew neck tee with this cat’s picture and the inscription:

“Who Killed This Stupid Mufucka” on the front and “Who Gives a Shit” on that back. Ya dig?

And while we’re at it, “Apollo”?  All I know is this fool best throw in the towel.

Just fucking terrible, top to bottom and proof positive that some things just can’t be talked or reasoned out.  Civility can only take you but so far.

– Lake

2 Responses to “Oh hell no: Racist Obama T-Shirts in NYC”

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    […] Shit Is Only Going To Get Worse Obama and his supporters will keep getting bated like this. We have to follow the O-Man’s lead, and handle it with finesse. But the shit is […]

  2. Super Leg Says:

    I’d like to get that cat in a room alone and dare him to put that shirt on.

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