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Flavor of Love 3 is here! Predictions Anyone?

January 28, 2008

Ready or not, the Flavor of Love 3 premier is coming to VH1 on February 11, 2008:


I know a lot of you hate this show, but I enjoy it. As such, I’m going to give you my completely superficial rundown of the Flavor of Love 3 girls based solely on their glamor shots and whatever other pics I could dig up.


There are a bunch of chicks, so I’ll break them up and do a few each day. So let’s just start right now and find out who’s really there “for Flav” and who is “just there for tv”.

Chicken 1. “Shy” or as i like to call her “Fake New York”


Well, VH1 has done the impossible. They’ve found someone who actually makes New York look good. Jeez. I’m not sure, but I’m guessing that this is what New York looks like before they spray on her face. I’d like to say baby just caught a bad angle, but we checked the other angles too.


They’re all bad, but that is the classic NY mouth after she’s smoked a pack of heaters and downed 2 or 6 Smirnoff Twists.

Prediction: Her name is “Shy” but with a face like that she’s got to be used to being told that she’s ugly; a fact I’m quite sure she’s conveniently characterized as jealousy and hate. There appears to be a slight J game and something more than a negativity ass, so somewhere, somebody has been trying to hit. That means Flav would be willing to hit as well. Undoubtedly, this has contributed to her false confidence and belief that she’s actually going to be one of the “pretty girls” vying for Flav’s heart just like her look alike Tiffany Pollard did. Alas, it will not be so. After a late night romp in the hotub replete with a Flavor Mic Check, she’ll start taking plenty from the other girls for being a “broke ass New York” which quite possibly will result in her horrible weave getting pulled loose in a scuffle with another ragga-muffin. Then baby girl will be eliminated for fighting once Flav hooks up the old “I can’t have no drama in my house Shy, I love you baby, but you’re time is up girl” and off she’ll go direct-it-tally to The Valley to shoot part two of that fake Tiffany Pollard/White Boy (from I Love NY) Sex Tape (NSFW FOUND HERE) we posted a few weeks back. Book it.

Chicken 2. “Peechee” – The big girl who has no chance and knows it

Now we all know this babe. It’s the same story, new skin color. To understand her role you need only look to that equally horrible chick “Like Dat”.


Prediction: She’ll survive the first elimination just on GP because Flav will love “how real she keeps it” but we’ll all know the ax awaits. I’m sure she’ll be full of personality, very funny and genuinely nice. That’s why she’s horrible for the show and why I will personally hate her. That’s also why I won’t spend another inch of cyber space on her insignificant ass. Next.

Chicken 3. “Shor-tee” – the babe who probably should be with Flav for real


Look, I can tell by the way this chick is holding here body that she’s got something up behind that wild animal print. Clearly she’s packing thunder. Now I’ll take that to offset her somewhat attractive, though odd, alien dome piece. Add to it the tats up on the chest piece and you basically have the chick Flavor Flav probably should be able to pull in real life, but not too high level such that she really wouldn’t even f*ck with him (see Hoopz). That’s this chick. Then I saw this pic which I’m told is affiliated with a myspace page:


See, if that’s your intro pic to your myspace page, that means you have some more provocative joints you’re sitting on for the future, which means you’re probably a stripper or full-time freak. Either way, it fits nicely within my assumptions based solely on her appearance.

Prediction: Babe goes relatively far based on her unconfirmed but probable tailpiece (can see it from the front) and fair complexion (sorry, we’re talking Flav now). Stripper attitude and report with Flav makes her somewhat of a house threat/target.

That’s it for now. Tomorrow I’ll post up another three or so chicks and then we’ll have them all. The show airs on February 11, 2008. Should be decent.

– Lake

Do you got love for New York?

January 16, 2008

Well, I know the answer for one of our most loyal readers, Bee Eh, sitting there in money making Manhattan with a fresh cup of joe, one egg beater, cardboard looking and tasting bread and a creatine tablet for breakfast as he peeps the site this morning. HA He does NOT have love for her, but it seems that 1. He doesn’t have all the necessary information and 2. New York has plenty of ahem “love” to give. Who knows, maybe we can change his mind.


Hey, I’m not really sure how we got here. I mean, Tiffany Pollard aka New York has really worked the system for all it’s worth. Let’s face it, before she got dissed for Hoopz back in the day and then acted a fool when Flav went with Deelishis, nobody gave a hot damn about Tiffany from Syracuse. Anyway, you come up for breath and realize that 4 shows later, the chick NY is a known commodity in entertainment. Not only that, but her show supposedly pulls huge numbers for VH1.


But even with all her perverse success, I just have a feeling that she’s still missing something in her portfolio of good deeds. Hmm, oh yes, a SEX TAPE!!! Right, nothing really dots that I or crosses those T’s like a legitimate sex tape to really show the people what you’re made of.


We really could use that Hoopz sex tape by the way. Oh yes and UvT research has just told me that the Hoopz sex tape is indeed on it’s way and fully in production. Makes sense. Hoopz hasn’t raised her profile one iota since her Flavor of Love stint. We’ll holler back on that topic when the time is right.

Well, UvT has obtained this link to the alleged sex tape with Tiffany Pollard and as always, we have a no watch policy, but I’ve heard that the babe in the video bares an uncanny resemblance to Ms. New York. And she’s letting a white dude murk it too. Not sure how I feel about that…After all, she’s pretty damn terrible. Nah, I think I’ll just ignore that and focus on the fact that one of Lake’s brothers from another mother did in fact knock up Halle Berry… And Brock didn’t even say a word. Lol. Here’s the Not Safe For Work link to a site that has the I Love New York Sex Tape. Dammit, I say it’s her.

– Lake