Ho’n it up for Press Coverage


Heidi Montag knows how she’s gonna stay relevant going forward. Invite the press on vacation and give them lots of non staged, candid photos. Hell, “The Hills” is completely scripted, why not script the photo ops too? Let’s check out the completely off guard and random photos:


First a little Baywatch tribute. I’m actually sure this has to be better in video than it is in still pictures. Actually maybe not, do those things actually move independently?


Then she props it up for the camera. Look, you know this is staged in Spencer is reading Fortune magazine. He’d usually have a comic book, a WWE magazine, or his book on “how to look like you are the actual devil at every opportunity”.


Fine, now she is just looking straight at the camera. This is getting ridiculous. So it is all posed. Here’s my question, if that is the case…why would she ever do this?


Damn, I can’t tell if that means the price of fame is getting higher or lower…


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