Do you got love for New York?


Well, I know the answer for one of our most loyal readers, Bee Eh, sitting there in money making Manhattan with a fresh cup of joe, one egg beater, cardboard looking and tasting bread and a creatine tablet for breakfast as he peeps the site this morning. HA He does NOT have love for her, but it seems that 1. He doesn’t have all the necessary information and 2. New York has plenty of ahem “love” to give. Who knows, maybe we can change his mind.


Hey, I’m not really sure how we got here. I mean, Tiffany Pollard aka New York has really worked the system for all it’s worth. Let’s face it, before she got dissed for Hoopz back in the day and then acted a fool when Flav went with Deelishis, nobody gave a hot damn about Tiffany from Syracuse. Anyway, you come up for breath and realize that 4 shows later, the chick NY is a known commodity in entertainment. Not only that, but her show supposedly pulls huge numbers for VH1.


But even with all her perverse success, I just have a feeling that she’s still missing something in her portfolio of good deeds. Hmm, oh yes, a SEX TAPE!!! Right, nothing really dots that I or crosses those T’s like a legitimate sex tape to really show the people what you’re made of.


We really could use that Hoopz sex tape by the way. Oh yes and UvT research has just told me that the Hoopz sex tape is indeed on it’s way and fully in production. Makes sense. Hoopz hasn’t raised her profile one iota since her Flavor of Love stint. We’ll holler back on that topic when the time is right.

Well, UvT has obtained this link to the alleged sex tape with Tiffany Pollard and as always, we have a no watch policy, but I’ve heard that the babe in the video bares an uncanny resemblance to Ms. New York. And she’s letting a white dude murk it too. Not sure how I feel about that…After all, she’s pretty damn terrible. Nah, I think I’ll just ignore that and focus on the fact that one of Lake’s brothers from another mother did in fact knock up Halle Berry… And Brock didn’t even say a word. Lol. Here’s the Not Safe For Work link to a site that has the I Love New York Sex Tape. Dammit, I say it’s her.

– Lake

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