Chris Brown & Rihanna Get Matching Neck Ink


Can someone explain to me why any man would ever get a matching tattoo with a chick (we can just stop the analysis here), even worse, ON HIS NECK?! WTF? Sounds crazy right? Well that’s what they’re saying Chris Brown did with his “Boo” Rihanna. Incidentally, if you’re a man and have ever called a chick your “boo,” you’re a real bullshit cat.


No lie, and this may be fake, but they’re saying these are the matching tattoos Rih Rih and Chris Brown got.


What was Chris thinking with those Stars tats? What, floating hearts were taken? Dude, if you’re going to go with the sensitive couples tat, let her get the picture of her poodle and you get that big ole bulldog. Or let her get the soft cross and you get that extra aggressive one. Don’t get some rising stars cascading directly under your neck line. I mean, Rih Rih can cover that up with one of her many weaves eeeeerrr with her hair style, but Chris Brown has to just live with that for eternity or worse, try to cover it up with an even more ridiculous piece of neck art. Horrible idea for so many reasons. Oh well, people call him a hit maker, not a genius so it figures that he’d make tactical errors like this. Hey, at least he’s hittin…..


I hope. Anyway, back to you Tat lovers, let me just ask you… Where are you going with the Tat on the neck piece?


Isn’t that pretty much a career ending move? I mean, when you go with the tat on the neck, you’ve basically put a set events into motion that will shape the rest of your life and not in a good way. Once you go there, you’ve basically committed to a degenerate lifestyle from there on out.


When was the last time you saw a cat getting tatted up on his neck the week before he started law school? Nah, it’s more common to see a cat getting that neck work done the week before he’s going to jail! Or if you freaks are already in the clink, you may want to get that work done the week before you commit that heinous act that will put you in solitary confinement for a clean 8 months.


Nah, you’re either going to be a Rock/Rap Star, a pro skateboarder, a working professional athlete or a cat working minimum wage jobs from now until the end of time. Seriously, would you let Tattoo on the Neck Guy prepare your legal documents? Hell no. Would you let him prepare you taxes? I wouldn’t. Look, I don’t even want Tat ‘Pon The Neck Guy delivering my pizza because in order to do that he’s gotta know where I live and that aint cool.

Look at these freaks! Incidentally, when did Out of Control Tat Guy join forces with Extra large Earring Guy?


Sheeeeeeeiit, this dude went so far as to have some breast implants put into his tattoo of a woman on his leg!!!! Now that’s dedication….and pretty f*cking crazy I might add.


Too much. And yes the tat did get infected, so he had to deflate his J’d out leg…Too much.

– Lake

19 Responses to “Chris Brown & Rihanna Get Matching Neck Ink”

  1. Knine Says:

    Now you tell me!

    Thanks for nothin!

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  3. Armine Abrahamyan Says:

    The last photo was so ugly.


  4. Lake Arlington Says:

    Yo Kam is that your neck? If so, why’d you do that homey?

  5. Knine Says:

    Yeah thats a tat pon da neck, why? Thats the $64,000 question, just like everybody who gets a tat it was just something I wanted to do. I’m self employed though (producer)and the tat keeps me focused and working hard, knowing that “the man” will never hire me unless its on some ol’ landscaping/warehouse ish. Which I am way too cool for!

  6. Brock Hardon Says:

    Hey, Knine fits into the right category. Self employed, focused on his production, clearly thought it out and uses it as motivation against the system. As long as you don’t get a rose curling up under your ear on a drunken binge, it’s all good. I’ve still got “Thug Life” tatted across my stomach after a sizzurp fueled, burning man styled, transcendent experience in 1997. My Makaveli CD was stuck on repeat and I woke up in the morning and there it was…

  7. RosyF Says:

    LOl…Brock. Should I rewatch the NSFW version of “how do you want it” for your cameo?

  8. Sam Says:

    Hey i just wanna say….fuck you! Who are you to judge what we put on our skin? And who says that just because you have tats means your a brainless fuck who cant hold a job…..look around you mate, its no longer 1860 and people should keep that in mind when they are too busy judging whats ‘right’ to see that no one but you gives a shit anymore….oh and by the way I’m a damn good lawyer, im female and i have a neck tattoo. The only difference between you and me, is that i dont give a crap if you’ve got tattoos. Asswipe

  9. Lake Arlington Says:

    You’re a lawyer with a neck tat? Haaaaaaa

    Who’s your client, Suge Knight? Oh wait, I know, you work for P-Tah the thug Lawyer, right?

    Classic. Now when you said you’re a lawyer, what do you mean by that, you’re a member of a bar or you just happened to get through law school? Look, I aint NEVER seen a lawyer with a neck tat, but please send us a picture of yours so we can put it up on the site.

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  11. angel Says:

    i think its preety neat dey be doin stuff but did chris brown need to put stars on his neck, its way to girl i mean… WOAH!. what’s up man. omg

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  13. lise Says:

    omfg!! whats wrong with you people leave the guys alone.. i rekon that is sooo cute..the star tattoos..rihanna your gawjus..nd chris breezy i will always love you..keep up the good work!!! =]

  14. thyala Says:

    fuck rihanna and fuck chris-brown although there is my cousins fuck them beacause chris-brown with the girl who he make with in the video with u he with she natasha

  15. kc Says:

    man this ni**a that posted this is a straight up hater forreal! wtf why dont you get off chris browns d*ck and stop hating so hard. i hate small minded people like yall talking sh*t and judging other people.

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  17. tashia Says:

    i think the matching tattoos are cute. i like the star pattern and i don’t think it’s that girly for a guy to put star tattoos on his neck…

  18. Jon Says:

    First of all, the first “neck tat” picture was photoshopped. Blatantly. Secondly, I’m disinclined to defer to the intellect of a man who refers to everyone as a “cat”. Your opinions are ignorant and, quite frankly, archaic. It is absolutely untrue that people with neck tattoos are incapable of holding down a good job or even a career. Also, I find your use of the phrase “degenerate lifestyle” offensive and uncalled for, not to mention ironic coming from someone who spends so much time worrying about celebrities and what they’ve had tattooed on their necks.


  19. Lake Arlington Says:

    Damn, tell em why you mad son?

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