Cat fight: Tiki Barber v. Eli Manning and the impact of their ladies


And you wonder why the Giants have underachieved in the past years.


They’ve got no stones!!! Former New York Giants teammates Tiki Barber and Eli Manning exchanged “barbs” over the past few days over comments Tiki Barber, a current NBC football analyst, made which criticized Eli’s leadership and assertiveness. He further described Eli’s ability to run team meetings as “comical at times”. Well, well, well. Eli didn’t like that and he blasted back with this:

“It’s just one of those deals. I’m not going to lose any sleep about what Tiki has to say, I guess I could have questioned his leadership skills last year with calling out the coach and having articles about him retiring in the middle of the season [because] he lost the heart [to play].”

Huh? That’s the smack yall? Um, can someone please call up my boy Ocho Cinco in Cincy or maybe Terrell Owens in Dallas.. hell, I’d even take a Donovan McNabb, “keep my name out yo’ mouth, keep my family’s name out your mouth” blast right about now. These cats are pathetic and I think I know why. Yep, it’s weak chick karma. I mean, look at Tiki’s selection in lady:


(awww, why does the “articulate” brother often have to go this way? Dammit Tiki!!! No disrespect homey, I’m sure your wife, Ginny Cha (seriously), is a sweet lady)

And then let’s contrast that against Eli’s woman:


(Hey, nothing against her, but this is just boring man! I much prefer this blond and Eli together)

This is what I’m saying, now look at their selection in lady and then look at the results they got. Then contrast that against proven winners in the NFL. I give you Jerome Bettis an his lovely wife, Trameka (yes, really):


(One for the thumb homey.. good work)

And of course, the gold standard in NFL chick karma turning into production on the field, my main mahn (Ali G finger snap) Tom Brady and his plethora of solid bangers:


(Love ya T and yes, Bridget is looking right in this picture..nice)

Bottom line, Eli and the Giants are doomed. They need to get their chick game up and then maybe they can get those wins up. You just wait and see, this will be another sub par year for young Not Peyton Manning. I mean, even their receivers are chick stricken, peep Amani Toomer:


(awww, homey… If you’re gonna go that way, you gotta go strong like Paul Pierce.


We all know what he’s about and really can’t hate)

Awwwwww, need I say more? Out.

-Low Lake and loving it.


All you semi hatin, fully hatin and just started to talk some shit as soon as your team won Giants fans out there, peep Lake’s take on your Superbowl victory. Hey, we can’t see Eli’s lady from the neck down, so that would explain how he was able to man up and get it done. Make no mistake though, the theory is fool proof. Hot chick, great performance. So either she’s sittin on dubbs with the Kim Kardashian ass with the hollywood blondie rack or Eli is banging out a stripper from Scores or both.  I can’t find all of them, but I’m assuming Plaxico’s hoes are A+, thereby outsetting Amani Toomer and Michael Stray’s missteps and I heard Tom Coflin has a direct line to Puerto Rico’s….Hoez, so you know that man was doing his part as well.

One thing is for sure, yall needed to get Tiki’s lady off your squad. She wasn’t built for victory.

18 Responses to “Cat fight: Tiki Barber v. Eli Manning and the impact of their ladies”

  1. Curses!…Will Madden Strike Again? « Us Versus Them Says:

    […] but with your system connected to the internet, you can get the same thing. They’ve taken Tiki off of the Giants, Reggie Bush won’t be hamstrung with rookie stats. Fine, you get […]

  2. kyli Says:

    Whats wrong with Tiki’s Asian woman? Sounds like you have issues… at least she can keep her man, unlike those other supermodel golddiggers who cant keep men around after a few months… sad but true! racist fuck..

  3. Lake Arlington Says:

    Ay Bay Bay, aint nothing wrong with an Asian. Where in the post does it say that? I love Asians.. Are you asian interested in getting with a thorough man who loves you FOR your asian status? If so, holler at me

  4. rawdog Says:

    HAHAHA. it’s so true. the giants have problems winning because their chick game sucks. i always noticed that specifically giants players tend to have dog-faced or plain-faced women. not that it’s bad, but with $1million dollar salaries you can get any girl you want. it’s not a race thing, Tiki’s girl is just butt-ugly or plain at best. obviously she doesn’t inspire him to win any superbowls. if I was banging gisele or even jerome bettis wife i’d sure feel inspired to win a Superbowl. plus, eli’s girlfreind is so goofy looking, looks like hes related to her. maybe it’s tradition to inbreed in the manning family. regardless, the point is the giants players underachieve because they are stuck with some butt-ugly girls that drain their gameday energy.

  5. Nick Irving Says:

    You all have serious problems. If they like the women who gives a fuck? Maybe the asian chick is a freak in bed? Eli’s girl isn’t ugly and is actually kind of cute plus her body wasn’t even showing in that pic, so to judge her purely on face is just unfair. For all we know she could be stacked….No doubt Brady’s got the hottest chicks, but he’s a dick and the girls are idiots and make him look like a shmuck. Tiki and Eli are two articulate guys who got articulate women. Tiki’s wife went to UVA and is damn smart. Plus Tiki was one of the best backs to ever play and Eli just beat the cowboys and is now going is in the championship playoffs so don’t give me that shit that they’re unmotivated to win b/c of the girls they’re screwing. You know the sad part is all the guys who commented on this are probably ugly or at best average and couldn’t get one of those girls.

  6. Toosides Says:

    Nick says you all have serious problems.

    I wonder if Nick includes the clowns in the photos who gotsa thang for non-Black wimmens.

    I wonder if Nick thinks there’s something wrong with de-valuing a person because of her race.

    Oh, no. That’s not what they doin’.

    Uh, yeah, Nick.


  7. John Says:

    rawdog:I love your name… Please email me at for some hot yo homo sex. Thanks.. Oh, Tiki’s asian chick is hot and so is Jerome Bettis. I want to have sex with him in a zoo. Git er dun! Yee haw, the South shall rise ah-gin.

  8. Jemison Says:

    Elis’ “woman” is goofy looking? Inbreeds? You need to get our more dude. That crap is kindergarten stuff. If you knew anything at all about the Mannings, you’d know that they are one of the most well respected families in football. Do you think YOU could get a lady who looks that nice, has the education she has and makes the same money she does? I didn’t think so. Give these guys a break. Who they fall in love with/date/marry has nothing to do with their game.

  9. Lake Arlington Says:

    Jemison, the answer is yes.. we can get and have gotten at women who look better and have probably gone to better schools.. but enlighten us on what she’s got on her resume, please, by all means do that.

    -Lake, Esq.

  10. Jason Says:

    what a fuckin tool you look like now, since the Giants are in the super bowl and Eli has been solid. Winning on the road, in harsh conditions, against good teams. What the hell does their woman have to do with anything. Post a picture of your lady, and lets get the comparisons rollin, you douche bag

  11. Jason Says:

    PS – I’m a fag

  12. Parodi Says:

    ” kyli Says:

    October 3, 2007 at 4:44 am
    Whats wrong with Tiki’s Asian woman? Sounds like you have issues… at least she can keep her man, unlike those other supermodel golddiggers who cant keep men around after a few months… sad but true! racist fuck..”

    Supermodel gold diggers? I’m sorry, last time I checked, when you’re worth $150 million, which Gisele is, you wouldn’t really be labeled as a gold digger now, would you. Get your facts straight unless it’s your intention to come across as a complete imbecil.

  13. Lila Says:

    I don’t think that Manning’s fiancee is bad looking. I think it’s just a bad picture. Sometimes good looking people just don’t photograph well.

  14. Todd Says:

    hey fag tits –

    nice post. first of all, eli’s wife is hot. if any of you fuckin zeros got with her you’d be a pump and a wiggle and she’d laugh in yo face – if she hadn’t already from your lack of size. amani’s lady is cute as hell. pierce’s looks like a strung-out crackwhore skank. since when did charo get a size dd saline injection??

    maybe you should have been looking at the Pats’ girlfriends/wives. gisele is so fucking overrated. her face is fugly. i’d take bridget over her any day. brady probably whacked off to a pic of Eli’s wife after the game, while meantime she was nobbing eli’s sweaty cock. brady got his vaginal area BEAT DOWN by strahan and osi, and now all the Pats will be remembered for is FAILING to win the big one. G-MEN, BABY!!!

    In closing, Dad if you’re reading this, I’m gay, hence all the suspect “yo homo” references above. Sorry.

  15. Steven Says:

    Giants had no probs beating NE’s ass last night for XLII, so you’re theory didn’t hold up this time

  16. dood Says:

    Now why are ya’ll reading this blog if you don’t get where Brock and Lake are coming from? Frankly, even though I do understand where Lake is coming from (and homey, you are f**king hilarious!) I don’t care that Eli won last night, he needs to step up his game off the field; this goes for his chick game, persona, presentation, and everything else that comes with winning and leading. You aren’t throwing balls in the yard no more, this is the big times, you just won the superbowl, act, date, speak, dress, and walk like a champion. You wanna be with old girl, fine, but step up in all other aspects.

    I thought Eli’s older brother was the boring one, for a while I thought he was trying to be Johnny Unitas #2, but his gatorade commercials make Eli look like Al Gore back in the Clinton days. (if you don’t remember that far, Al Gore was a robot in the Clinton days, back then the mfer was not carbon based).

  17. ouch comment Says:

    Your blog aggravates me.

  18. Chris Lawrence Says:

    Interesting in theory….

    But then reality crashes in. Eli Manning – Superbowl MVP

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