Making the Band 4: Who’s in who’s out and why?


Update: CHECK OUT OUT NEW COVERAGE OF MAKING THE BAND 4, Season 2, Episode 1 right HERE.


Well, Puff did it again and while last night’s show wasn’t all that great (though past ones did set the bar pretty high) we at least know when we’ll finally get the final band assembled, August 26th “live” (although we saw pictures of the dudes on stage already?).

Anyway, a few observations:

1. Robert should have been on the Big Mike slim down program during the break because homeboy looked like a pudgy jack-o-lantern when he came back “into the house”. It was pretty crazy how Diddy checked that cat for running out of breath during the show (and for rocking that glitter), that’s what happens when you’re carrying 15 extra lbs. And did cats check out those red jewels ole boy had in the back of his wig piece? First of all, I’m really ready for the Iversons to go out of style. Secondly, and I don’t care if he did grow that hair for 7 years with the help of his mama (terrible), that greased up baby P-fro is a MAJOR improvement, though I suspect he’s be getting grease in his hats, which are terrible anyway, so overall, it’s a win for that cat.


(shed a few son)

He’s a lock for the group with the most all around pure talent. And boy, did he ever rip that verse on that Brian Cox joint. Gotta love Robert, even if he did let his lady kind of bitch him up on the phone….


Incidentally, this is supposedly the babe, June, Robert was dating during the show, the one who ran her mouth on the phone and called him a “Drama King”… Rob, I aint gonna say she’s terrible, because that would be a lie and I do see what you see in her… As Mos Def put in Ms. Fat Booty, “Baby girl got all the right weaponry,” so I get that. But dude, this babe is not good looking enough to be running her trap on you like that on national tv! Keep hittin and placating, but the bottom line is, eventually she’s got to go — all the lip is just unacceptable.

2. This cat, Brian H. is f*cking terrible.


I mean, this kid is the classic cat.

Sub Issue A. The Basketball Incident:

Remember on the basketball episode where this dude rocked that explosive errrr aggressive errr bitchy quick step dribble piece all the way down into the full unintentional split?! I mean, truly terrible and clearly soft as all hell. Then ole dude had the audacity to say in his most broken, half mouth open, geechie drawl, “people thank cuz I’m tall, I can play ball, no… I was the one where while all da ‘boys’ (suspect) wuz playin’ basketball, I wuz talking to all the girls”….right, we’ve got a name for that ‘one’, GAY. You were probably also the ‘one’ playing double dutch, braiding another dude’s hair and working on solo dance moves in your free time…In other words, real b*tch shit. And it shows.

Sub Issue B – Diva attitude – “I’m definitely very ‘flustrated'”

Did yall see how this clown talked to Ankh Ra after HE was fucking up the song at the beginning of the last episode? “You trying to clown me, dog?”

Clown you? They should have put him out on his ear at that very second. Ankh really dealt him that hot warning after Brian H started poppin’ off at the mouth, “Don’t do it”, ie. “Don’t make me, Ankh Ra, ‘do it’ to YOU, in other words, shut the fuck up!” Lucky for that cat, Ankh is a cool dude. Then, to make matters worse, MUCH worse, he dropped that “I’m definitely getting flustrated at this point” blast in the interview booth. I mean, are you flustered, frustrated or just dumb? The smart money is on all three! Seriously, for all you kids out there, stay in school. Finally, dude comes with that absurd rhetoric, AGAIN, when they did him the service of cutting off that horrible dish rag he called a hair cut only to look 300% better at the end.


(what is that section in the front of your hairline supposed to be? Is that like a launching pad for your follicles? Seriously, those cats did you the greatest service known to man when they cut that monstrosity off your dome)

And then he pitched a hissy fit about it. I did like how Diddy’s barber really squared him up and how the other dude, not sure what his role was (stylist/henchman), just mean mugged him until he calmed the hell down. That was some real, grown man, slow down young buck type shit, not to mention completely necessary… I mean, that was CLASSIC. Meanwhile, Brian H. is sitting there, trying (and failing I might add) to keep from crying over some ole cat shit like a hair cut. Man the f*ck up dude. Dammit.

Sub Issue C – The cat ass fake mean mug


This dude always has that ole cat ass look on his face like he doesn’t want to do something. It’s sad because he’s actually got some talent, but he’s just a fool and he’s not talented enough to overcome all that nonsense. It’s got that “fix your face” 5 year old quality to it. This dude is just awful and he cannot make that band, period.

3. Willie aka “Lucky” has already made the band as he should.

First off, if you look at Willie’s myspace page it says he’s written for several artists, including Joe. Yes, the very same Joe who was a “judge” early on in the competition. Plus Willie is 26 years old. He aint no spring chicken. I think Willie is your standard Puff plant. You know, just like that chick Denosh was on Making the Band 3…basically an old cougar with tons of talent and 8 years of experience when you’re supposedly looking for fresh faces. I can see Diddy in those production meetings now, “Now, there can only be one…and that’s me, yall don’t have me out here with no talent.. I don’t care what you gotta do, but don’t embarrass me.” Hell, that’s the same speech he gives every Thursday….anyway, plant or not, you gotta like Willie and he’s good for the group.

4. Though it hurts my heart to say this, Qwanell is suspect.

I won’t elaborate, because I actually like Q. But Q is just a (much) better version of Jonathan, the uber beeyatch who just had to go. First off, as I’ve said MANY times on this site, R&B is just inherently cat and soft. It just is. It’s bad enough with T-Pain and Neyo and to a lesser extent Chris Brown, running around here doing man on man duets like ole Rubber Neck from Jerky Boyz fame, but you can’t start out that way. Oh and Jonathan, that “I wasn’t called to do this” was just awful ok? You need to go home, take the damn skirt off, put some Ma$e in your voice, then promptly put some base in your voice and man-up.


And just so you know, Q WORKED you in that boxing ring. AND though you may not know it now, the biggest thing you needed at that very moment was an ass whoopin! And guess what, you got it. HAAAAAAAAA Anyway, Q, maybe you can go, put on about 20 lbs (hit up Country Sweet playa), stop making some of those wild faces and get that tat lasered off your neck piece and come on back. I aint saying you…well.. I’m just saying. You aint the most rugged cat I’ve ever seen. I think Linkin Park said it best “[You] tried so hard and got so faaaaaar, but in the end, it doesn’t even matter…”


To quote Diddy, sorry, you won’t be making the band.

5. Big Mike just has to make this band. Period point blank.


It’s not so much that Mike is the best singer (though he is a hot singer, let’s be clear), the best dancer or even the best performer. But Big Mike does have that “it factor”. That special flow, charisma and swagger you just need in the band. He’s got the cool personality and just has a winner’s mentality. You also have to love his consistent and constant reference to the ladies (no questionable signs of switch hit-ability). Again, all very becoming of an R&B star and good for the Bad Boy portfolio going forward. In short, you gotta have Big Mike…he’s the anti Dylan from MTB2.


“‘Who da greeeeeatis five rappar dove-all time? Die-lan, Die-lan, Die-lan, Die-lan and Die-lan” Terrible.

6. That cat Chris was f*cking terrible, relatively untalented and definitely had a severe case of fructose in da tank-ability. I mean, can anybody get this image out of their minds?


And sure, this has NOTHING to do with the current show or who is going to Make the Band, but the bottom line is that I wanted to talk about it, so I did. Sorry Chris, I’m sure you’re a sweet kid, but your departure just let us know how unqualified you were for the group from jump street.

7. Brian A. is just sitting on the fence for me in a MAJOR way. Hey, bottom line, dude is a really cool cat. And clearly he can sing. The problem is, he really didn’t shine all that much on stage when the group opened up for New Edition. I mean, what happens when a really cool cat can’t translate his smooth flow and likability to the stage? Tough. And what’s with that crazy look on this cat’s face every time he sings hard. I mean, dude, R&B is for the smooth thug, not a cat trying to pass a kidney stone.


I think there is crazy talent in the pool and while I’m pulling for Brian A., I just can’t affirmatively put him in my band. Let me say this, if the band is a 4 man team, Brian A. is OUT. It’s too bad too. That cat should really become an A&R or something when he’s done. He’s got that good guy industry flow you need. Oh, Brian’s biggest competition in a 5 man band is definitely DeAngelo…a cat who may not have all his personality, but who generally shines on stage and is pretty chill in his own right.

8. Donnie aka the 5th wheel is a strong contender for the band, but I like him in a 5 man team, but not really a 4 man squad.


(honestly, is the tight man-hood necessary?)

Let’s face it, you can’t get past the fact that Donnie is white. I’m not really sure how that’s going to break for him. On the one hand, Donnie seems to be a favorite of the young white girls, a critical demographic. On the other hand, this is an R&B group and new day Color Me Badd types are never appreciated. The good news for Donnie is that he can definitely sing and can move well enough to dance to these basic B2K level dance routines (now that Laurie Ann is gone). The bad news for him is that he’s talked about himself as “the pretty white boy” with “one of the best shapes in the house”…terrible Donnie.

But as terrible as some of Donnie’s rhetoric has been, he’s waaaaay better than Dan the man, who was clearly out of his league (though he did have a good singing voice) and had some of the worst analysis in that interview booth since Kenny “the Jet” Smith first broke into broadcasting. All in all, Donnie is a likable guy and in a five man band aimed at maximum crossover appeal, it could work. It could also be a disaster. Tough call for Diddy…

9. As an aside, did anybody peep Laurie Ann backstage after the dudes opened up for New Edition? She was there camera whoring it up, just looking low as all hell, likely realizing how stupid it was to question Diddy after that absurd attempt at “Interjection”. Look chick, YOU ARE DONE IN THIS INDUSTRY.


You may choreograph for stars as you always have, but your Paula Abdul/Jennifer Lopez dreams are OVER. You played yourself “baby gurl”…plain and simple. I guess (alleged) sex with Diddy back in 96 when you were actually tight isn’t your ticket to the good life after all.

It’s kind of hilarious when you think about it. Back in the day, Big Mike was trying to get some shine with Laurie Ann… Now, Laurie Ann just over there looking for a lil camera time with Big Mike. Question, with all the babes Puff has slept with and dissed, do you think chicks like Laurie Ann sit up at night, just wishing they were Kim Porter? Probably.. Kim actually has Puff’s kids, which is better than having a job or a real career yourself, because you know them checks just never stop coming… Right? Then Kim Porter sits up at night wishing she were Tracey Edmunds, a chick who has the loot, the kids, actually got put on with the real deal marriage to Baby Face and now is about to marry another rich superstar in Eddie Murphy. I guess the laws of nature always hold true, big fish eat little fish. Laurie Ann, you f*cked yourself baby gurl!!! Sorry.

10. Any contestant not expressly mentioned in this post is completely irrelevant.


Damn this post is too long! Bottom line, here is my four man group.

1. Robert
2. Willie
3. Big Mike
4. DeAngelo (or Brian A, edge goes to the tall man)

And here’s the five man group (which is a more likely format)

1. Robert
2. Willie
3. Big Mike
4. DeAngelo/Brian A
5. Donnie

I think this post took 4 years off my life. Hope you cats enjoy how hard I’m working for you.

– Lakey F. Baby


Nice work Lake. I’ll send one of the interns down to make sure you make it through the workday today after your effort on this post.

Look, let me guaran-damn-tee you that this whole “vote” idea is purely about the fate of that man Donnie. Like I said in my previous post, the Donnie dilemma is real. On one side the average “MTV Fan” like my girls Vanessa and Joanna from the comments section will buy the album on the strength of Donnie alone. Puff doesn’t want to make the band corny for no reason with the one white boy if it doesn’t mean sales. Diddy is in it for the bitniss of the bitniss. Gotta move those units. Plus, Donnie did push ups the entire two months he was at home. Gotta give him something.


78 Responses to “Making the Band 4: Who’s in who’s out and why?”

  1. Rosy Says:

    Dude, you slippin’ Big Mike is the gayest cat in there. That consistent and constant reference to the ladies is his way of letting you know he doesn’t hit ladies up. He’s trapped in the closet hoping Diddy might make it rain on him.

  2. Andrew Says:

    Rosy wildin, I like your analysis man. Its pretty on point. I gotta disagree when you say Qwanell is out the running tho, cause he doing his thing man. He has a shot in my opinion. He was in alot of Diddy’s crews top 4 picks for the band, and Diddy enjoys his voice. I dunno tho…nobody does…

    I will say Robert and Will are the only two DEFINITE picks…the opther 2/3…who knows? Its a tough one…

  3. Lake Arlington Says:

    Right, Rosy thinks everybody’s gay. She needs to see “the action” herself, along with a notary public, another witness, her cousin pepe le pew’s input and three camera angles. That’s why she loved that Noelia sex tape so much.. haaa Rosy, is she gay too?

  4. Jenea Says:


  5. Lake Arlington Says:

    How could ANYBODY like Brian H. Jenea, you lost points on that one dear…Brian H is a truly horrible cat, and mark my words, if Brian H makes it, I’ll never speak of this band again… did you see how he was talking to all of Diddy’s people? Unacceptable.

  6. Kobe fan Says:

    Willie: Soft tone on slow songs

    Magnum: Power/Bring it home ability

    Jermy: Church tone/power high note tone

    Brian H: Monotone (versatility) for harmony and occasional surprise vocal, possible lead depending on song

    D’angelo: Monotone blend tone

    Take notice of 2 things: 1. Jermy is the only new guy still around
    2. NO shine for Brian H until last episode, their setting us up for the suprise.
    (Oh 3 things)
    3.Did anybody even notice D. Wood all season until they did a POW WOW and mentioned her right befor they voted in the finale last year.
    Makes me think that how they are doing Jermey. When asked who you gotta have in the group Biv said Jermey. When some one mentioned Brian H Puff said out of them all he could hang out with me, and if you aint Bad Boy quality puff aint saying that.
    The group is the same group that preformed as FLO. It may seem too obvious but hey that grup has the look and the talent.
    Diddy has always been succesful with Male R&B, he wont risk his track record making some awkward CONCEPT band together with Mike and Donnie. When this F*^#ing show is over , he still gotta sell albums. Not 1 album, plural ALBUMS.

  7. Kobe fan Says:


  8. Kristina Says:

    The guys making the band are Brian A, Willie, Robert, Mike & DeAngelo. Are u serious Brian A was the only one from 5th City that killed it. I was at the NE show and from his group he was the only one that had the crowd coming back, his energy was crazy, his voice was on point and amazing. The little snippet MTV showed was nothing. They didn’t even show him singing, ARE YOU CRAZY. FLO wasn’t all that great. It felt like a talent show like they were showing off, and the only thing they had was Willie showing off his body nothing more. The only two from that group that did good was Willie and DeAngelo and that was it. Robert sounded horrible, Brian H was stiff and his voice wasn’t right and Jeremy didn’t seem like he was on stage. Brian H., & Jeremy disappeared on stage they were not even looked at.

  9. Rosy Says:

    “…Ooh, they so sensitive.” Andrew errr… Big Mike I didn’t know you read the blog. I didn’t mean to put you out there but Lake knows my spidey senses don’t lie. Don’t worry I’m with you. I like rainbows. Let’s keep it on the down low…errr…a secret : )

    “Just Promise Me
    Whatever We Say
    Or Do To Each Other
    For Now We’ll Make
    A Vow To Just
    Keep It In The Closet”

  10. DeAndra Says:

    I do not know what is wrong with you people Micheal will be making the band. I know it Diddy knows it and you know it to. He has worked so hard for this and yall people are trying to hold Big Mike back. The other members of the band are DeAngelo, Robert, and Wille

  11. Fat monster Says:


  12. Lake Arlington Says:

    Kobe Fan,

    Donnie is a pretty white dude, like myself, how has that ever been bad for record sales? Big Mike has been getting blown up the entire show. It just makes sense that they’d have him. Brian A is on the fence. Brian H is just terrible for all the aforementioned reasons. Mark my words, there will be hell to pay on this blog is Brian H makes the band!!!!

  13. Will AKA Lucky Fan Says:

    My picks are;

    Willie – he brings the sexy back & can sang (check out his fan club site)

    Robert – the boy can sang & has the drive to succeed

    Brian A – one of the best voices & great personality

    Big Mike – great tone & will continue to lose weight before the CD drops

    If 5th man group which I think it will be:

    DeAngelo – he shined at the New Edition concert and has a unique tone. I didn’t think his tone would blend well with the other guys until I saw the concert.

    About the other guys:

    Q – has a great look but his voice does not stand out like my picks above
    and he’s too young (remember Chopper from the Da Band)

    Brian H – great voice but no stand out personality. The only time I’ve noticed him was when the guys were sitting around making fun of Diddy and he said ” I only have one more card in my hand the rest of you b**** can go home” I thought that showed a great personality that we haven’t seen and he has cute dimples but where has he been all season.

    Jeremy – don’t know why he’s there. I personally don’t hear what every one else hears when he sings. I only liked his auction when he sang a gospel song.

    Donnie – O.K. voice but looks funny dancing. He would only get picked to attract more CD sales. Which is fine because I want the guys to be very successful and Diddy will not drop the ball on them like he did with DK.

    Dyshon – has a great soulful voice but doesn’t stand out unless he wears a big white coat.

  14. Live finale Says:

    “Diddy will be making his picks in NYC and MTV is looking for exciting members for the studio audience.

    If interested email
    include name, age, phone, and photo.”

  15. AP Says:


  16. lover of donnie&Q Says:

    da top 5 should be

  17. MTB4 - we in the door Says:

    AP Says:

    August 16th, 2007 at 1:55 pm

    Reference Above Comment:




  18. SW Says:

    Brian A
    Donnie (if there’s a 5th member)

  19. Yung Terrp Says:

    1.big mike
    2.big mike
    3.big mike
    4.big mike

    dats my n*gga he deserves everything

  20. Larrita C Says:

    My picks are

    Big Mike
    If there is a fifth man Donnie

  21. Larrita C Says:

    There will be no group if Big Mike aint in the group. He brings the favor to the group. And without Willie sex appeal the group will be nothing. Robert looks like he needs to shed a couple of pounds. He blew up when he went home.

  22. Imani Says:

    I do not think Dayshan should be in the band. He lied to P Diddy when asked the question why he wore white. The rest of his team did not agree that he should wear white. Mike questioned him as to why he chose to wear white and everyonelse agreed to black. In Mike’s private talk, he said Dayshan had to realize it’s not “his” group, but it’s everyone’s. When P Diddy asked Dayshan, he said the group wanted him to wear white, and all of the agreed. He is a liar and I think he would always try to stand out, and eventually want to take over. I do not like this guy. I vote for Big Mike, Willie, Robert, Donny, Jeremy and Deangelo

  23. r&b 4 lyfe Says:

    if it were a 4 man band my 4 would be

    1. willie
    2. rob
    3. deangelo
    4. big mike

    willie and rob are the most talented out of the group and willies got that appeal. big mikes too charismatic and diddy likes him too much for him not to make it. if he makes it a 5 man band i think itll boil down to brian or q. i really hope he picks jeremy cuz i think his voice is amazing but hes too green when it comes to performin and stuff

  24. cutie Says:

    it sould be:


  25. Brock Hardon Says:

    Cutie, quietly that really might be the band when it’s all said and done. I could see it.

  26. Tee Says:

    My picks are:

    4 man group:

    Big Mike – Best singer and focused more. He sings well without trying.
    Willie- Brings “sexy” to the group and has a nice voice.
    Donnie – Nice voice and great look for the group.
    Robert – 2nd best voice but needs to lose so weight!
    Brian A – If 5th member is picked.

    The rest of them can forget it! They’re either ugly, suspect or have no personality.

  27. Chante Says:

    The Should Be:

    Brian A. – What can I say he is Fine and has the Best Voice that fits R&B. It’s Powerful and Beautiful, he sings with SO MUCH Emotion it’s crazy.
    Willie – SEXY AS HELL and has a nice voice
    Robert – Has that DEEP SEXY voice which is also Powerful
    Mike – Has a BEAUTIFUL voice
    DeAngelo – if 5 members then him, he just has THAT SOULFUL voice that you can feel right away, and it captures you.

  28. Lehanna Says:

    whatever your name is that made up this whack website…you need to shuttup all your opinions are ridiculous…there all siiiiiick and you obviously need to get a life and dont talk ab out robert like thatt hes killen it…

  29. mtb4 Says:

    well…the winners were who i said all along
    -i knew dyshawn was not gonna win he tryed to act like he was al that-
    *big mike would make the band a more swang style singing group thats wut i liked about him*
    ^brian-a would be more like a cool cat im glad he made it and he seems like a funny dude cause when he ate anezo’s eggs^

  30. yung jay-mtb4 Says:

    and then(my main man Q my nigg he was gonna make it all along he could sing and dance)but….when i saw jermy up there i was like dang$! _he gone well the main good thing about him he could sing and he got the same last name as me FrAzIeR!!!!
    and jonathan i thaught he was kinda gay
    but i always knew it was gonna be

  31. Stop hating on Brian H Says:

    Oh please Brian H shouldve made it. He didn’t have an attitude he was being real. It takes black ppl and especially black boys a long time to grow their hair long. Of course hes not gonna want to. Thats a part of him. So shoot, i wouldve acted the same way and i bet you would too if you were in his position and had real long hair. So evry1 stop hating on Brian H. The only time Brian H was shown was at the end and he was portrayed as havving a bad attitude. Diddy or the editors did that on purpose. And evry1 has their bad days sometimes so stop acting like you never acted like that.

    Think, when was the last time you heard him sing solo on the show. Did you even know he had such a wonderful and sexy voice. Did you even know he was there except until he was shown at the finale. Making the band only focused on a few ppl robert, q, big mike.. and others. I hardly even know he was here.

    He is the full package. He was just too sexy and had one of the best voice in making the band and the only time viewers realized that was on live(when they couldn’t edit anything out or make him look bad on camera.) So maybe it was a good idea Diddy made the stupid choice and not pick him in the group. At least, he wont be stuck in a lame bad boy ccontract. Some other betterr producer will get at him. Im sure of it. He’ll be better than making the band because they are just gonna do one album and fade into darkness just like danity kane. He’ll be a great solo artist and Ill def buy all his cds.

    So evry1 stop hating on brian h for not wanting to get his hard earned hair cut. Shoot. You wouldn’t want to either. And if you thought it looked bad while they were cutting it, of course you will be upset. So everyone recognize brian h as the wonderful artist that he is.

    And you also know when he sung at the finale, it sent chills through your body and made you had goosebumps. No other singer matched his talent that night. Well. Brian H is gonna do great without making the band. And all of you haters stop wanting some perfect artists that dont express their feelings and are fake..

  32. Stop hating on Brian H Says:

    oh yeah and this website sucks. You need a life spendin all that time writing all that nonsense you have up there. And you wish you were any one of them because they can sing, are cute, and have opportunities and a future.

    So stop hating on brian h becuz he was actin real. And stop hatin on others.
    You aint no pdiddy who actually has a say in who will make the group. So dont waste your time putting up all this.

  33. Lake Arlington Says:

    Brian H is that you? What about that basketball move straight into the split? haaaaa seriously, how hilarious would it be if this really was Brian H.. Horrible grammar, silly theory, garbage attribution, “you had goosebumps”..oh yes, Brian H, that’s you. Brian, you got your 15 minutes of fame, but Diddy and the “editors” didn’t want you. sorry bro. Good luck with whatever your fall back plan is.

  34. Lake Arlington Says:

    Brian H was acting real… really cat and my hair grows long and fast. I can’t identify with the problems that made him act like that. Sorry.

  35. stop hatin on brian h Says:

    no im not him. just a fan. whos a girl by the way. and im mad why no1 recognizes what good talent he had and is only blinded by that 1 episode. he was the full package and i heard that he already got into a deal. but dont know if its true though.

  36. Lake Arlington Says:

    Look, I’m not going to argue with you about Brian H. He didn’t make the band and I’m glad he didn’t. Yes he has talent and can sing. His attitude, cat like behavior and generally stank, terrible attitude got him canned. The fact that I can mistake your rantings for his words tells you all you need to know about Brian H. Enjoy the rest of the blog baby…

  37. Kool-Aid Says:

    I dnt preciate whoeva wrote that stuff bout my Godbrotha Brian H….you real childish…I ain’t finna trip on ya monkey behind cus I got more class den dat…but u really need 2 grow up and quit dissin my brotha…cus u obviously have no room to talk bout nobody …we aint see u on da show tryna to pursue a music career…wut r u doin witcha life???Most likely nuttin besides startin mess online bout peepo…GET YA MIND RIGHT

  38. Aireale D. Says:

    First, of all I think all of the ones that made it that far were all good.If I was Diddy I would have pick the band that I wanted and gave the remaining left some type of record deal.The reason I am making this statement,is because all of them did very good and also work hard to get to where they are now.My main picks were Big Mike,and also Brian A. for the simple fact Brian makes my body shake when he sings and Big Mike got those sexy eyes. BUT THEY HAVE COME A LONG WAY!!!!!!!! When they start making there first CD, I will be at some buying it.Keep up the good work and GOD on your side

  39. Lake Arlington Says:

    “Kool-Aid” I’ll stop writing my true feelings about your “godbrother” as soon as you get some familiarity with the English language. Deal?…you know actually, you’re right, I’ll never write another bad thing about him again. That last “GET YA MIND RIGHT” convinced me. You win. Thanks for reading…and send a pic so we can throw you up on the blog too. ok?

  40. MTB4_was crazy Says:

    Well, if you ask me, I think that Julius & Carlos should have made it to the finale, if not the band! The group is good, Donnie & De Angelo should have made the group. I am glad Donnie got a contract. Dyshon was terrible and on the finale looked like a shaved bird! Brian H. was ok, I wouldn’t have selected him for my group. I also liked Jeremy, his voice is amazing!

  41. Ashley Says:

    I think this whole article is retarded. I liked all the guys on the show for the most part and a lot of stuff in this article is just talking nonsense about them. Get a f*cking hobby.

  42. Henry James Says:

    I’m quite sure this is a hobby for these guys, bitch. Get a man…

  43. Kool-Aid Says:

    “Lake Arlington” I didn’t know I had to be proper to post a comment on here…but whatever besides all that why in the world would I send a picture for me to be in the blog…my picture has nothing to do with it ???I’m not about to have my picture floatin around the internet and then you start trying to diss me …But I would really like if you stopped posting stuff on here about my Godbrother …because alot of the things you were saying you could have kept them to yourself!!!!! AND I WROTE THIS IN ENGLISH SO I HOPE YOU COMPREHEND HONEY!!!!

  44. Lake Arlington Says:

    You’re right. I’d love to get a picture of you, post it and comment. Hell, we can give you your own label.. make you a star. Truth be told, this site is about poking fun and pointing out things we see. While the post on him was harsh, believe me, it was funny and people enjoyed it. At any rate, it’s not that deep (to me). With that said, I wish your godbro all the success in the world and tell him to enjoy that haircut.

  45. Says:

    You have the nerve to say someone is cat, please what kind of MAN sits back and watches every episode of making the band just to hate, and point out every little thing another Man does get a life and a real job because i really hope this isn’t it. you obviously don’t have a journalism degree because your writing skills suck. If you had any sense you would know that MTV magnified those instances were brian went off I agree Brian is to real for that band puffy knew he wouldn’t be a puppet he seems too strong willed. But you will see when Brian signs his solo deal and your lame ass is still here Hating as usual cause this is probably the only thing your good at LAME. 904 Duval County

  46. Willie is the Man Says:

    Its pretty funny how yall come on here to Lake’s blog, talkin’ bout how he should leave people alone. If yall dont like it, dont read. But the real lame is the 1 who comes on another man’s blog, complaining about what he writes. Yall need to get off Lake’s nuts, get your own shit, then you can say whatever you want. but i’m tired of reading all this pussy shit from yall n*ggaz… stop that. if Lake needs to get a life because he writes this shit, which IS FUNNY, then what does that make you for being all up on his site, bitching and crying and shit. we all here because we like the show and we like reading Lake’s shit. GET YA MIND RIGHT and stop all the chicken head behavior.

  47. True True Says:

    True indeed, Lake shit is funny. Yall lames on here crying about what the next man say need to go on with that shit.

  48. DJ Raj-X Says:

    No question, the southside down here in Gainesville (gangstaville), FL love Us Versus Them and support that man Lake. Keep it coming and let the haterz hate. And check out my myspace page if you want to hear some real hip hop.

  49. Says:

    ok i ‘m convinced wille is the same person as lake arlington or his gay lover because whenever someone says something about dude your always trying to be supersaver HOE. This is a blog so if i don’t agree with lake i should be entiltled to my opinion.I agree with some of the things he says but if you can dish insults you should be able to take them. SO willie how about you be a real man instead of a little d*ck rider, and go to something manly f@ggot. and by the ya girl is far from a chicken head i’m 23 OWN my OWN home, nice car, great job what about u LAME!!!

  50. Says:

    and true true shut your dumb ass up

  51. True True Says:

    Damn, there are some thugged out b*tches out here in cyber world. You’ve got a “nice car”, I think that’s hood chick talk for a 95 Honda Accord… LOL. Babe, get some anger management and start d*ck riding… maybe it would calm your crazy ass down.

  52. * ashly Says:

    wow ; i dont kno why u hatin on brian h. soo much & talkin sh*t about him ; thatsz wack like b real .. brian h had tha f*ckin best voice up there & he was not f*cking up tha song in tha last episode ; & if somebody was cuttin your shit off & u didnt like that way it look i bet u wouldnt just f*cking sit there & even if u would u shouldnt have sh*t ta say bout brian h. saying somthing cus hes tha one who has to walk around wit that sh*t not u .. brian h. was being real & letting them no. & when that happened that was the most u eva seen brian h. on camrea soo how would u kno he has a bad attitude ..& wat really matters is if u can sing ; and brian h. can sing his ass off ! soo yall hatin b*tches dont have no f*cking lifes yoo i swear ; to tell u tha truth im gladd brian h. didnt make that band .. cusz bad boy is wackkkkk ! ; & if ur signed to bad boy u might come out wit a cd and … yea thats pretty much it ; watch when he blows up ur yall haters gonna be lookin stupid in tha face

  53. True True Says:

    Wow, these hood rats really love Brian H! I feel sorry for him. Ashley, you must know BH personally, huh? I mean, he was ok, but you gotta admit he wasn’t the best for the band and he was wack when he was having an attitude with AnHk Rah and the hairdressers. Come on. He did do that sh*t, let’s keep it real out here. And I hear you about getting another deal, but that’s the same thing they said about Fred from Da Band, and we aint heard from him since.

    These rats should do a few things, 1. Stay in school (for real), 2. Get off Brian H’s nuts, 3. Get off Lake’s d*ck and finally, get off the nuts, d*ck and ass cracks of people who post on this site and think it’s funny as hell. If you don’t like it, get lost. Nobody cares about what yall sqwaking birds think. Go home feed your kids or something.. These chicks are like cockroaches… You always see them, but wish you didn’t and no matter how hard you try you can never get rid of the bastards. If I’m Brian H, I’d want some classy chicks big uppin me, not some low rent heffers who can’t write, talk or add. Admit it Ashly, you’ve got like 8 tattoos (2 of them of your ex boyfriend), 3 kids (from 4 different baby fathers, LOL) and a prepaid cell phone that cuts off erry other week….

    You bird! Pppprrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!

  54. * ashly Says:

    lmaoooo !! yoo f*ck u .. u do not kno me & no sweetie im far from a hood rat or a bird & all that otha sh*t u say iam lmaoo ! .im not on here speaking my feelingsz jus cus i love brian h. im on here speaking the facts & the fact is .. is that brian h. can sing his ass off ; & anybody who sat there in there right mind & knew wat the f*ck they was talking about when they watched that finale u can not sit here and say that he cant sing & he was off key .. if u watched tha stuff that wasnt shown on the show he got along with everybody that was in that house ; he did not have a attitude im sure if he had a badd attitude like yall try to make him out to have . they woulda been showing it ; & hisz ‘attitude’ wasnt why he didnt make tha band cus if that was tha case donie would not have got tha deal .. & he snapped on diddy .. & it was tha same reason why brian h. snapped in ankarha because he was putting his enery up & ankarha said he wasnt & ;donnie on the otha hand thought he was dancin his ass & diddy told him he couldnt dance [ witch was tru ] & donnie talk baq to diddy & on another note about his hair .. he was being real ; & he was not gonna sit there and let them cutt his hair short & him not say nothing about it .. ok soo wat he had attitude & i bet anybody that was in that situation would have reacted the same f*ckin way.

    oo & baq ta u True True ; u dont not kno wat tha f*ck you talking about .. & hell no im not on nobdysz d*ck .. ya ass is on lakes d*ck for going madd hard defending him ur wackk shorty u need to get a f*cking life !!

  55. True True Says:

    Ashley, you’re a ignant little hood rat… so tell me how many tats do you have, how long is that weave you’re rocking, how many bus passes/transfers do you have to get each month, how many pairs of payless do you have, and how many baby daddys you got?

    And you’re stupid. “I bet anybody that was in that situation would have reacted the same f*ckin way”.. You BIRD!!! Robert was in the EXACT same situation and he handled it like a mature MAN who was handling his business. He wasn’t crying like a woman, BH was. He didn’t snap on the bad boy cats when he had that crazy afro…

    Brian H’s hair looked like a damn rat’s nest and since you probably live in a crib that looks like a rats nest, you probably like sh*t like that but everyone else could see that his hair needed to be cut. You trying to say it didn’t look better after he cut that horrible sh*t off his head?

    Hey, I know you’re a bald eagle, so you’d probably cut a mufucka for Brian H’s hair, but everybody else who isn’t using fatback to grease up their nasty weave knows that Brian’s cut was an improvement. Now take your illiterate ass back to school, put them kids to bed and get some shut eye because as we all know, the early Bird gets the worm and you need all the nourishment your hood rat ass can get.

    Siddown and shuttup.. Nobody wants to hear from you..I’ll even say it in your native language of Pigeon so you can understand.. Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Now git!

  56. * ashly Says:

    LMFAO0O !! thatsz all i have to say about that one anyway . i never once said brian h. didnt look better w/o his hair .. he does look better w/o his hair but he didnt look bad w/o it either . & ur ass is ignorant cus he did not have no afro he had dreads ; & robert was not in tha same situation cus they did not sit robert down and say .. okay were going to cutt your hair soo when we braid its gonna end right at at ur neck [ in other words were brian a’sz hair ends .. dont get me wrong i love brian a. jus using him as and example ] anywaysz noo they did not sit there and say that .. they cutt his hair off .. on the other hand they was cuttin brian h. dreadsz short that dosnet make no type of sense .. tha barber said to him that his dreads wasnt the look for tha group [ & thatsz wat they told de’angelo too that why he cutt them 0FF ! ; NOT SH0RTER & slamm told brian h. he needed to cutt them 0FF at the audition ; N0T SH0RTER 0NCE AGAiN ] so why the fu*k was they cuttin brian h. hair SH0RTER in stead of OFF ! ; & if brian h. didnt say anything .. they woulda still brong that bull shit up that he didnt have the look for the group cus of his dreads . sooo u need to get ya shit together

    and baq to u again True True ; u dont kno wat tha fuck u talking about cus i have long hair i dont need no fucking weave ; im only 17 im not a hood rat and im still in school & dont have no fuc*ing kids .. unlike your fu*kin no life having ass probly like 30 40 years old .. jerking off & shit while u watching every show of making the band & to jus hate on brian h. ; who is doing him .. singing his ass off doing things with his life unlike u who come on here everyday .. to see if people talking about ya boy boy lake .. lmaooo !

  57. True True Says:

    Ash, you’re 17? Damn, stay in school kid…seriously, you write like an inmate. Go hug your mom, read a book, drink real fruit juice instead of kool aid and eat your veggies. You’re like one big public service announcement all wrapped up into one. Enjoy these next few years, because soon you’ll be picking up that kid, followed by that unemployment check. Shocked you have a computer actually. Use protection babe. Hey, I gotta give you all these suggestions, because you are clearly ignant as all hell. lol.. sorry.

  58. I love you Brian H. Says:

    I think Brian H. was one of most talented guys on the show.. and maybe he was not meant to be in the band for a reason. I personally believe that He’ll do better as a solo artist (which I know he’s going to be) because his voice is to good to be blending in with others. Brian H. has the looks… he’s tall, handsome, talented, and has a wonderful personality, I don’t believe that he was being to Ankra or the hairdresser’s, I just that he was keeping it real and sticking up for himself. Brian H. is HOT!!! is gonna go very far with his solo career.

  59. MTB4_was crazy Says:

    Personally, Brian H. was okay, but by no means do I think he is going to “blow up”, he wasn’t that good! If he does great for him, but he had his 15 minutes of fame! Bad Boy can’t be that wack, Diddy making MILLIONS, so he got to be doing something right!

  60. shreveport,la Says:

    im so glad im not the only one that’s stuck on brian h those haters need to back the fuck off off of him, first of all he’s 6″4 and had all the swagger that bad boy needed did not see an attitude from him during the whole show even after that little fall with ank ra diddy just did not want no ine lookin better than him in the group, and let face it brian looked better than will when will has his hats off will is another neo he sleeps with that fuckin hat he looked like he was in his late 30’s in the finale

  61. * ashly Says:

    anyways i proved my point ; & MTB4_was crazy ok diddys geting money & making millons but its not off bad boy records .. hes a smart man he was other things going on with his self & everybody thats on bad boy come out with 1 2 maybee 3 songs & they just fade off the only people thats doing there thing in young joc & i really hope the band that he picked does be bigg like young joc & not fade away like the other bad boy artist im not even hating off them cuasue i love the group .. & on another note trust & belive brian h will b bigg sweetie he is gonna blow up & that show wasnt no 15 min. of fame he wasnt even showed for 15 min throught out the whole season ! ; anyways yeaa i know that was ot the lat time where here from brian h. his voice is banana’sz & he is too sexy & has too much talent for him not to blow up.

  62. MTB4_was crazy Says:

    Okay, ashly, so are you trying to say diddy made NO money from bad boy? You crazy! You must remember, Notorious BIG, Faith Hill, New Edition, Jadakiss, Carl Thomas, 8 Ball & MJG was all on bad boy! You can’t say diddy didn’t make money off of them, not to mention; Mase, B5, 112, and DIDDY himself, come on now! All of those artists had more than 3 songs out! As far as Brian H. goes, we will just see what happends next and see if he becomes as “BIG” as you think.

  63. Prowoman Says:

    Diddy makes some change from Bad Boy but his lifestyle hustle is what really gets him paid. Sean John, the colonge,etc is the anchor project for Bad Boy Entertainment Inc.

    Anybody notice how shifty eyed Diddy is? During the finale, he barely made eye contact with any of the guys even as he was cutting. Was it just me?

    The fix was totally on with this piece. Diddy knew damn well exactly who he was going to pick and Donnie’s solo deal was well thought out believe me.

    That spur of the moment “Ima make a five man group”…conferring with Biv…please. That was all for show.

    And it was a good show!!!!

    Is there an award for vocal coaches? If not, let’s make one up and give it to Ankh Ra(mistakenly called Uncle) cause he coached the guys into a championship-gold metal-world class performance.

    The bar’s been set empire building high and now we know the guys can blow like that…..we’re gonna want it all the time. It’s on now fellas!!!!

    I like the group…I really, really do. They have the potential to be BIG and do not only 1 but maybe 2 and (what the heck) possibly three albums. Then Willie will probably go solo.

    Got a feeling in my gut that I hope’s wrong. Diddy seems to have a use ’em, then lose’em approach to dealing with his acts. I mean who’s really selling or getting critical acclaim on Bad Boy?

    Of the acts you named Mtb4, they left Bad Boy and Diddy didn’t “develop” them.

    Let us have a moment of silence for Danity Kane ’cause it’s over for them. Diddy’s promotion of them was shittty. Despite being dogged, they still went platinum. This second album is just for show. Like I said he used ’em and screwed ’em and soon he’ll lose ’em.

    We’ll see what happens with the guys. We care about them and Diddy had better do them right.

  64. * ashly Says:

    okk .. but not saying that diddy didnt make money of bad boy ; but im saying is that he is doing other things that make him millons too , half of the artist that u named is not even recent beside b5 & diddy him self ; b5 is trash there new single they have out is not even hot they was cute when they 1st came out b4 but as to now noo .. & okk ill give it to diddy but umm thats about it .. tha artist that diddy has “recently” has out beside those is not hott they com eout with some singles & thats it thats all im saying but like i said i hope that the band does have a good career & no sweeti i dont think brian h. is gonna blow up i kno that he is !

  65. Jawdee Says:

    I find it funny that all these people judge Brian H off a damn tv show, better yet one episode of a tv show. Unless you know the dude personally, which none of us do, I suggest you leave your comments based on no real experience with the man to yourselves. When it comes to musical/vocal talent, the man ripped it up on the finale and Diddy was right not to include him in the band. His talent will see him through a long, true, and fruitful career, not a brief, commercial, money making venture for Diddy. So all good, BRIAN H !

  66. prowoman Says:


    U tellin’ a whole lotta truth…stuffs allover the net ’bout how Brian H. is gonna come back to haunt diddy…all of the guys had moments from the show…donnie talked back and still got a solo deal…willie messed up his words like Carlos and still made the band

    Willie and Robert had industry connects that assured them a spot.

    Staying together as a group and having a long career in music is rare even under the best of circumstances.

    I hope the guys can do two albums go platinum, make some money and be able to have a career in entertainment somekinda way…after the breakup and willie & robert go solo.

    Stuffs dropping around the net saying that Brian H. has an extensive criminal record, that’s y he wasn’t picked…like Diddy and half the people he works with haven’t had trouble with the law.

  67. Parkman Says:

    “Has an extensive criminal record” Ohhh, iz that y he acts like a jail house bitch? Brian H iz gonna make about as much $$$ as Fred from Da Band made after he parted ways with Diddy… Maybe if he decides to get into cross dressing, or drag queen parties, he’d have a chance. He aint hot, all yall lil Brian H cousins, baby mamas, local hoes and half brothers and sisters need to stop. U tried hard to make this fool matter on the web, but that’s where it will die… in this chat room. I wouldn’t go out into my parking lot to see that fool sing. He’s better off braiding hair in a salon or something. He like a broke ass Eddie Cane Jr. from the five hearbeats…”night’s like this I wish, raindrops will fall”..LOL

    H-Town represent. Get at me.


  68. prowoman Says:

    Sorry Parkman…you’re outnumbered…aint nobody a cousin, baby mama or anything else of Brian H.

    Your hateration is neutralized…it’s over…stop hatin’

    His myspace page has over 20,000 friends…his youtube piece got over a 1,000 views in just one day…it’s not long before a record company takes notice and gives him at least a one album deal.

    People are sleeping on Dyshon 2…there’s a reason Diddy gave him props like that…almost begging a company to sign him…saying he’d be a big star…all the cut guys r promoting…except Jeremy…no myspace no youtube no nothing.

    And seeing the youtube of the band performing 2gether for 1st time @ a charity event in Toledo Ohio…the guys are gonna b BIG…even if diddy screws ’em and he will…he doesn’t want anybody bigger than him on BadBoy…these guys can go somewhere else and get signed.

    Already they’re not waiting on the label and taking promotion into their own hands…been popping up all over youtube individually promoting….they’ve signed shitty contracts and have gotten little advance money…but that’s the record biz.

    Oh, if Brian H. does have a criminal record, he can turn that negative into a positive and make it work like Lyfe Jennings, Diddy himself, 50 cent and many others.

    Do your thing Brian H. aka J-Rome!!!

    Some of us know talent when we see it. Recognize!!

  69. DJ in MIA Says:

    Brian H better hustle some rocks because I just can’t see it happening for this dude. He’s got a good voice, a good haircut (now) but yo, he be acting like a little girl. Nobody wants to see that. Take a dude who act like a girl, add in that he’s got legal troubles and it’s just not a good look. 50 is hardcore jail, Brian H is soft jail.. see the difference? There are all kinds of cats out there who can sing and aint making no money. Brian H just needs to milk his 15 minutes of fame and then get back to the broom or if he’s smart, the books.

  70. prowoman Says:

    DJ in Mia

    I feel u but…

    Trey Songz won’t be winning any masculinity or arm wrestling contests any time soon, either. Yet he’s signed and selling. Q aint the most rugged cat, yet he made the band. Heck, Diddy is even rumored to be gay and look at him.

    Justin Timberlake has almost no straight male fans…he’s triple platinum in the U.S. alone. Wonder who bought those records?

    Aint nothin’ wrong with Brian H. that some trips to the gym and an image makeover can’t fix. A six figure contract is a strong motivator to get tough and act hard.

    He got limited exposure on the show…we don’t know what he’s really like.

    For example, B. Cox the producer…check his youtube joints…you’ll c a whole nother side of this guy that u never would’ve thought about him from the show.

    On making the band, he’s professional, serious ‘n shit…around his partners in the studio he’s a straight clown!!!! Look Up Studio Exposed or Brian Michael Cox on youtube watch some of his joints and c what I’m talking about.

    Same goes for Brian H….there’s some swag in his suave that the ladies like and that’ll sell some records.

  71. I love Brian H Says:

    Man, I’m caught in the middle. I love this blog, but I luvs me some Brian H. Lake is the best blogger around but the brotha won’t stop hatin on my baby Brian H.. dammit. Check it out.

  72. prowoman Says:

    I saw that halloween monstroscity on Brian H. Lake just won’t let it go.

    Like I said, the show didn’t put Brian H. in the best light.

    On his myspace page Brian even said they probably made him look bad to justify his getting cut.

    Justin Guarini(sp) from American Idol doesn’t have an audience. He’s not r n b enough for black audiences yet not pop enough for white audiences. His “type” is just hard to market in america. He should have gone to europe….think he could have done well there.

    Brian H. like Clay Aiken has a niche audience that will buy up some units. Who’s more “cat” than Clay Aiken? Look at him….killing the charts and living large.

    Same will happen for Brian H. When it does,we’ll make sure Lake gets tickets to the album release party.

    In the meantime, type Brian H.(On and On) on youtube and see him lookin’ and sounding damn good.

    Stop hatin’ Lake!

  73. faouzia Says:

    j’adore j’aime
    tout le groupe vous eteiz formidable
    vous aveiz tous chanteiz
    c trop beua mes freres
    je vous aimez vous mettez les black de plus en plus en valeur
    biz faouzia
    Que dieu vous benisé

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  75. J-Stan Says:

    Um well looks like the group is Brian A, Big Mike, Q, Willie,and Robert…..and donnie as a solo artist:0

  76. Lake Arlington Says:

    Yeah? Who’s the President of the United States?

  77. Brock Hardon Says:

    Yeah, when you come to a “prediction” post, four months later you don’t exactly look like Nostradamus. For your next prediction, can you tell us who won the 2007 World series?

  78. MTB4: Do you have ‘bitchassness’ in you? « Us Versus Them Says:

    […] I mean, where do I begin. Oh yeah, isn’t this the same shit I said back in the day with regard to his girl June? I mean, for real. This cat just let ole girl speak on ole which way to him while homey was […]

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