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Can Someone Come Get Lake’s Little Sister?

February 15, 2008


We need to talk.  I know you like kicking it with the brothers.  I know you’ve grown to like fat asses, appreciate the thick white woman, and enjoy the hip-hop music.  This is important.  We’ve got more than 2.5 Million hits, you are a role model now.  But I’m not talking about the loyal UvT readers.  I’m talking about your little sister…Jane Arlington.

When was the last time you saw Jane?  Have you ever met ‘yo girl’ Lil’ J?  I didn’t think so.  Here was her message to a schoolyard rival:

Lake, I’ve got something to share with you.  You’re cool, it’s all good with me.  But putting on her ‘black’ voice and talking all this shit is bound to get your little sister’s ass whooped!  It is time for an intervention.  Take her webcam, shut down her myspace page, and turn on some Friends reruns, or Seinfeld, something…damn.  Thanks.

Your Boy,


This Is What You Get When Your Girlfriend is a Comedian

February 4, 2008

Sarah Silverman made an announcement on her boyfriend Jimmy Kimmel’s show last week.

Matt Damon rocking the rodeo move in the “hip hop breakdown” is hilarious.Is Sarah Silverman hot?


Yes? A little J, a little thigh, stomach seems tight although I always assume the Maxim magicians are at work.


No? Something in there ain’t quite right.

I think she gets bonus points because I believe she is a huge freak.


Yeah, she gets bonus points for that. An extra bonus point for that tail piece tucking in on the bottom too.


Belly Dancing Practice

January 20, 2008

This is hilarious.  You gotta give ol girl credit for working on her craft at home.  This gives new meaning to “let the beat ride out”.

Damn, there’s a little shuffling in there at the beginning.  Hope she was OK.