Make it (Chocolate) Rain!


We’ve already covered Making it Rain on them hoes like Pacman Jones. Now if Making it Rain means throwing money on strippers…what the hell is Chocolate Rain? Maybe my man Tay Zonday can explain it for me.

Is that joint a freestyle? Is he reading lyrics off of the wall in front of him? There isn’t a line that makes sense in the whole damn song. “School books say it can’t be here again”? “The prisons make you wonder where it went?” First of all, this cat sounds like a smoothed out Louis Armstrong. Then, what is that note at the beginning of the video? I move to the side to breathe? Word up Tay? Here’s the crazy thing, he only moves to the side every four verses. Is he holding his damn breath the rest of the time?

So what the hell does Chocolate Rain mean? It is a good thing that aRa Kelly didn’t make this song. Cook County prosecutors were already looking into the lyrics of “Make it Rain”, thinking that it meant that he was peeing on people as opposed to showering them with money. I guess unless it was the 1600’s and you were throwing gold…then I guess technically it would be a “golden shower”, but I digress. They would probably think Chocolate Rain is waiting until you had the bubble guts and taking a shizzle on these bizzles.

In recognition of Tay Zonday’s musical breakthrough. UvT must take a moment to recognize other great rain in history.

Purple Rain:


Candy Rain by Soul for Real:

The sharp chinned Rain Pryor:


and the most fertile man in NBA history, the Reignman:


Tay-Z, we salute you.


9 Responses to “Make it (Chocolate) Rain!”

  1. Ronny Touriaf Says:

    Dear Mr. Brock Hardon:

    Sometimes you get the bear and sometimes the barritone gets YOU. I dedicate this next ballad to YOUR lady friends.

    Sorry Brock. You forced me to do it.

    The lover of Brock’s ladies,
    Tay Zon-ALL-Day

  2. Michelle Says:

    I hope you were joking , or else you are really, really slow.

  3. Brock Hardon Says:

    You hope I’m joking? Take a look around the rest of the site. If you can find a place where we are being serious about something, please tell me so I can edit it. This is Us Versus Them, not BBC news. This is Tay Zonday on You Tube, not Mozart played by the Boston Pops.

  4. Michelle Says:

    “There isn’t a line that makes sense in the whole damn song. “School books say it can’t be here again”? “The prisons make you wonder where it went?” ”
    ..,,,Really??? Do you even grasp the concept of the song?
    Do you know what the words are saying?
    Slavery, boo. Imprisonment. Majority of the people in prisons are…. BLACK!
    Open your mind. I’ll break down the rest if you need me to..
    This is a song about racism, segregation, classism, slavery, conspiracy, bullshit being fed to you by those in gov’t seats.
    Ever listen to Dead Presidents?
    They don’t want it on the radio. Seriously, take a look at Tay’s lyrics. The song is truth and genius in its own originality.
    Look up GDP and Bell Carver if you aren’t familiar with it. Wikepedia is your friend.
    I , too, laughed when I first heard this song until I realized what the words were. People take it as a joke, which is sad, but what he is saying is truth.
    Chocolate Rain- Secret lies of the economy. Bodies turn into GDP.
    GDP-GROSS DOMESTIC PRODUCT. What our economy is built and thrives on.
    Like I said, look past the strange voice and repetitiveness and enlighten yourself a bit.

  5. Michelle Says:

    Oh, wait. I get it . You were being ignorant or “funny” on purpose.

  6. Lake Arlington Says:

    Michelle as a white man who has benefited from all the aforementioned factors, but is still “in it for the culture” I appreciate your commitment to the cause. Still, I’d like to hear your opinion on Gublis v. Stokke?

  7. Rosy Says:

    What about Milli Vanilli’s Blame It On The Rain. It’s a classic.

  8. LightenUp Says:

    You all need to take somethings a little less seriously. Good Stuff Brock! Michelle thanks for your explaination of the obvious. Now go outside and bask in the Chocolate Rain. I think this is a very serious deep piece….breathe…of poetry as well. Check em out on Jimmy Kimmel where he says put something silly on youtube and it gets attention.

  9. Guess Who’s 5 Minutes of Fame Just Expired? « Us Versus Them Says:

    […] Hair Cut, stupid movements, deep baritone. It has all the elements that made Chocolate Rain a hit. Unfortunately Tay is trying to be too cool now, trying to catch tightning in a bottle twice. […]

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