Hillary strikes back & Mitt who?


You just knew young Hilly had more fight in her than to just lay down and let Barack run all over her twice in a row.


No, question, Hillary won a hard-fought victory in New Hampshire, but she had to pull out all the stops with Bill in corner.


Honey had to go sensitive.


Then she relied on Billy C, a dude I actually like a lot, to get gangsta with it as he attacked Barack Obama’s message as a “fairy tale.”


Hmm… It’s tough. I own know. We shall see. On to South Carolina to see whether Black voters will turn out for Barack or follow their pastors to the ballot box for Hillary and big machine Democratic politics. Interesting stuff.

Oh yeah, then there is the Ken Doll Mitt Romney. He lost again and John Mac won. I know, I know, you’re just waiting for that Utah primary.


Mitt, you lost in Iowa AND New Hampshire despite spending the most money of all the candidates. Do me a favor, suck less.

– Lake


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