Barack Obama rolls to 10 straight wins


Now I’m pissed off at my Duke Blue Devils because you know I wanted to ask who is hotter, Barack or Duke… Oh well, you can’t win them all. Well, unless you’re Barack of late. This cat is murdering Hillary Clinton.


Indeed, last night Obama took Wisconsin and Hawaii taking his win streak to 10 primaries straight since Super Tuesday.


Meanwhile, Hillary is in a must win situation in Texas and Ohio. Both her number 1 and 2 campaign aides are gone. Honestly, I think the decision to make Bill “chill” was a mistake. It’s the same error the Al Gore camp made back during Election 2000 when they tried to distanced themselves from Bill Clinton. Bill may be somewhat divisive and some hate him for sure, but Billy C is a political monster who could really help Hillary right now. You all know UvT supports Barack, so there’s no question that we’re happy with this development. I’m not sure what Hill’s got up her sleeve, but she better do it quickly.


B, watch out homey…

– Lake

2 Responses to “Barack Obama rolls to 10 straight wins”

  1. artier Says:

    Hillary has proven her shamleful character with her bid for the presidency. CLINTON WAS IMPEACHED!!!

    Clinton Accused of 1978 Hotel Rape, and Clinton Murders video in my blog.

  2. raafman Says:

    10 wins in a row, but WaPo and NYT are leading with stories about Hilly’s plan to come back? SMH. The more things change the more they stay the same.

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