A-Rod’s Real Scandal: Turrible Gear


Last week everyone heard about Alex and his escapades with ole “Not Mrs. A-rod” aka Joslyn Morse the October 2001 Playboy washout and ex Scores stripper. But the REAL story, at least around here at Us v. Them concerned Alex Rodriguez’ horrible ass gear — not to mention that of his pissed-off wife piece. Goodness, both displayed their complete and utter ‘cluelessness’ as they posed for the cameras in Beantown on Friday.


Alex, dude, you’ve got that $262 million contract with the Evil Empire, can’t you mix in a Seven, True Religion or Citizens of Humanity pair of dark blues like your resident fashion icon Lake Arlington? I mean, look at these joints, all crinkled up with that awful cuff and that 1991 high waist secured by that terrible belt. Then you paired it with that Old Navy super saver sale rack golf shirt. Just awful. You’re Alex Freakin’ Rodriguez, start acting like it.

Oh and your wife looks completely enthused and totally over that small amount of attention you received last week after wining, dining and “generally carousing (to quote Steinbrenner from that Jeter commercial)” with that ex skripper you undoubtedly have on your payroll.


(Incidentally, the not safe for work ‘real deal’ pics of her can be found here… peep at your own risk)

I can’t figure out why you old lady is so mad at you man.. You need to check her dawg…. Things are a far cry from this completely off key and inappropriate pictorial you did for SI.


Ok, we do did have a KFC alert on her thighs, but didn’t this pic start that rumor about you and your lady being “swingers”? Awwwww snap, we’ll save that for another post on another day…

-Lake Luciano

5 Responses to “A-Rod’s Real Scandal: Turrible Gear”

  1. Captain Bill « Us Versus Them Says:

    […] I mean if Bill has a suit and some proper man shoes on, he’d look like he is about to drop a pimp slap on somebody.  I think this was the Jet/Ebony man of the month pose for 18 months straight in the mid ’80’s. As it is, how do you leave the house like that?   He is clearly in public and doesn’t give a damn.  I mean the Central shirt is a given, I’ll let that slide.  Those sweats coordinate with the shirt I guess, but those elastic bottoms on those boys are terrible.  The cigar still in the bag is really gangster, I mean drop that joint in your pocket along with that hotel key or whatever the hell he has in his hand.  Then we get to those damn crocs and socks.  Bill, you’re an icon, you raised a generation of young black professionals with the Cosby Show.  The first thing a man teaches his son is to wear a good pair of shoes.  Crocs?  No man should ever wear those joints under any circumstances.  Then to rock those boys with the socks and the straps up?!?!?  Damn Bill, I hope they just caught you in the punchline to a joke, so that is why you not only wore those, but also felt the need to prop them up on those speakers.  Cos, Welcome to the “ARod Turrible Gear Hall of Fame“ […]

  2. A Rod’s Wife say Fu*k You « Us Versus Them Says:

    […] She looks pissed too.  You know the shave your face and cut your hair Yankees do not like it though.  In other new, ARod did get a $200,000 All Star bonus.  Just what you need when you have a quarter billion dollar contract.  Maybe that cat can hit the store and get some better gear. […]

  3. Sports WAGs = Performance on the field? « Us Versus Them Says:

    […] WAGs = Performance on the field? After the Stray-Rod incident we had an epiphany: You can really tell how an athlete will perform based on the babes he’s […]

  4. Yousa Fun-Ni Matta Fakka Hideki « Us Versus Them Says:

    […] media is all over my man to see what wifey looks like. I’m sure Hideki saw what happened to A Rod and Spitzer when you let the NY press get a hold of your personal life. So he hits ‘em with […]

  5. Somebody Tell Steve Harvey No One Wants to See This « Us Versus Them Says:

    […] to end up with a Jheri Curl juice stain on his jeans behind that technique. Then he threw on the ARod, turrible gear Hall of Fame mom jeans on top of it? I’d rather see Steve in those terrible three piece, seven button, extra long […]

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