A Rod’s Wife says Fu*k You


Oooohhhhweeeee, it is heating up in the Bronx. A-Rod’s wife, Cynthia …uhhhh… Rod was spotted wearing a white Stripper-beater with the words “Fu*k You written across the back.


She looks pissed too. You know the shave your face and cut your hair Yankees do not like it though.

In other news, ARod did get a $200,000 All Star bonus. Just what you need when you have a quarter billion dollar contract. Maybe that cat can hit the store and get some better gear.

Here’s the deal though idiots. The shirt is from Chrome Hearts. Anyone with some damn fashion sense knows that. Brock has one hanging in his closet. In fact, if Stray Rod’s wife liked him better, she could probably help the man out. She clearly knows where to get the hot gear. She probably doesn’t want to spend a damn dollar, because that ain’t nothing but fifty cents out of her pocket when she drops his ass and gets half. You best believe it will be after his next contract re-up though.


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