All Hail the King!!!


LeBron: It’s me b*tches!!!! (Cue the music)


Is there anything that ever lives up to all the hype? Yes, King James. LeBron is an absolute freak of nature, a non human. Dude is amazing and last night he finally earned that King moniker.. Wow. He single handily beat the Pistons as he poured in 48 points and withstood two overtimes against the defensive minded Deeee-troit Basketbaaaall.

There isn’t much to say, but someone needs to study this cat’s DNA because he just can’t be like the rest of us. He really is King. And being King does have its privileges.


Even being the man, next to the man, next to LeBron is basking in the Royal treatment.

One Response to “All Hail the King!!!”

  1. kingjamesfan Says:

    LeBron has the right to claim that he is a king. Think of any player today who plays like MJ? No one except him… He is very talented in his young age. I have no doubt that someday he might surpass the legendary Michael Jordan.

    LeBron James fan

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