Hillary Clinton Needs Better Advice



Hillary Clinton is clearly being told she needs to give off more energy. In the last three weeks, especially as the race has gotten tight, Hillary has been working on trying to be “more exciting” because she is just screaming at the top of her lungs at this point. I mean it has gotten really bad.


Could it be more obvious? I mean how much more fake can it get?  Hilly Clint, let me tell you volume does not equal passion.  You can talk all you want about Barack Obama being “only” talk, but you are sure running around trying to catch his lightning in your bottle, aren’t you?  Speaking of plagiarism, anyone who has seen a Barack speech is familiar with his “Yes We Can” chant. Well, here is Hillary with “Yes We Will”.

Here’s Hillary Clinton’s “Yes We Will”

She gets to it right in the beginning…and it really doesn’t take off. Stay until the end when she screams herself hoarse. Yikes, that is just scary.

Of course, we’ve seen what happens when Barack says “Yes We Can”, musicians and celebrities put this together.


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One Response to “Hillary Clinton Needs Better Advice”

  1. kennith Says:

    your a hoe bag

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