The Revolution Is Here: McDonalds Rolls Out Sweet Tea Nationwide


Ladies of Us Versus Them, the Brock that you all know and love is going away, and I’m not coming back. Look I’m from the south okay? There are a few things that I just can’t control. I like thick booties. It’s in my DNA okay? I can’t resist this:


See how the tailpiece tucks in on the top and on the bottom? It doesn’t get better than that. In fact, when I was young I did a science project on the phenomenon. Here’s a pic:


A+ and first place at the science fair. Your boy Brock was always smooth too.

Anyway, I also can’t stop eating fried food, I like warm weather, I retain the ability to speak with people from the ATL. In fact I want to send my people a quick haboutdatkrunkfitinahrawlownatnah Whathattinneeeein!

I have one final weakness, I’m talking about the Achilles heel, the open flank, King Hippo’s band-aid on his stomach, the cup of Southern Sweet Tea. I thought I had gotten away from it. I moved North of the Mason-Dixon line so I wouldn’t have the daily temptation. I’ve had full on arguments with people because of the fact that I don’t understand why no one North of Virginia understand that if you put the sugar in the Iced Tea while the tea is WARM it is a whole different experience all together. Well someone understands and it is about to take the world by storm.


Oh McDonald’s you are some ice cold muthafuckas. You had to put the lemon wedge in it, didn’t you? Not only that, but these cats hit you with the big bodied cup off the top too. And let me be the first to tell you…that shit is delicious. This ain’t no Nestea Brisk fake tasting BS, this is the real deal. Go get some, I’m talking about today. Not now, but right now…It’s open 24 Hours, get some.

So anyway ladies, if you catch your man Brock in the streets while he is still slim and sexy get it while the getting is good. Because long about summer ’09, your boy is going to be rocking elastic pants and turning every pair of sneakers I own into slippers by stepping on the heel just cause I like to sliiiiiiiide.


I’ll try to run it off though.



Ohhhhhhhhh weeee, that sweet tea is nationwide?  And they just opened up a Popeye’s Chicken over by Fenway (WITHOUT Sweet Tea mind you), now I won’t ever have to go back down south.  I can’t lie, it’s 1:04 AM right now.  Having tasted the sweet nectar myself before, I’m tempted to fire up my luxury sled and head on over to Mickey D’s for some late night heat!  On the real, I’ll have to try this out before the end of the week though..  Awww, that big body tea is talkin to a nilla.  Thanks for the info.

– Lake

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4 Responses to “The Revolution Is Here: McDonalds Rolls Out Sweet Tea Nationwide”

  1. Tea Fan Says:

    yeah, it’s a good revolution, but sweet tea is not good as green tea, hot tea. Hope Mickey will do more!

  2. Lake Arlington Says:

    What? That’s Un-American!!!! Sweet Tea is the cornerstone of American society… all that Green Tea and other bs is foreigners, what, you want the terrorists to win or something?

    God bless Amurica, George W. Bush, the Commonwealth of Virginia, Nascar and the sweatest of sweat tea made right here in the US of A.

  3. U S of A Says:

    Hey Lake,

    Your an idiot.

    Enough said.

    Yours truly,

    U S of A

  4. pipewerKz Says:

    I ALWAYS get a good laugh when someone calls some one stupid or an idiot using terms like

    “Your an idiot” or “Your stupid” – Which of course should be “You’re an idiot” or “You’re stupid.”

    Of course I could be mistaken, maybe you were giving me “an idiot” is some kind of caveman language. Here’s the conversation:

    You: “Your an idiot”
    Me: “My an idiot?”
    Yow: “No! Your an idiot”
    Me: “Ok if its mine, give it to me”
    Me: “My an idiot right? where is my an idiot!!”

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