Cool Obama music video


This is pretty innovative.

Incidentally, Nicole Scherzinger looks damn good in this joint. Maybe it’s just me but I had no idea that Ashley Banks or Scarlett Johannson could sing. Still don’t. Also, I hate to hate, but Will I Am is terrible to me. Not sure why. It’s like, I’ve already seen this with Wyclef, didn’t like it so much then but learned to live with it. But two ‘Clef’s? Nah, that’s pushing my patience.

Lake for Obama!

2 Responses to “Cool Obama music video”

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    […] with his poll numbers up across the country.  I think he can really pull it off, he’s got music videos, Mrs. Terminatorcame out to support, even Oprah is using her mind control over white women to help […]

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    […] Of course, we’ve seen what happens when Barack says “Yes We Can”, musicians and celebrities put this together. […]

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