Ok, I get it: Roy Williams Loves Kansas


HEY EVERYBODY, Roy Williams wants you to know something, he just loooooooooves KU, Lawrence and the Jayhawks Fans so much that he just happned to rock that ridiculous Kansas Jayhawks sticker/pin or whatever last night on National TV. Not that anybody was going to see it or anything. No way a “classy guy” like Roy would ever use the National title game to make another one of his spontaneous, homespun, hokey statements to try and improve his image.

Is there a less sincere cat in all of America than Roy Williams? Seriously, this guy is made for political office.

All that cat ass crying, lying about what jobs he’s going to take, who he cares about, and what he thinks. Remember when he didm’t give a “flip” about the University of North Carolina job riiiight before he ACCEPTED the University of North Carolina job?

I know Roy, you’ve got kids in the locker room, the same ones you’re about to abandon after saying that you’d never leave Kansas, that you love. Right. What about when he told that story about “mama” and how she used to scrub floors back when he “wuza boy” just so he could drink a Coca-Cola “soda pop.”

Riight, it’s because of “whut” your “mama” did for you that you keep a case of Coke strategically placed behind your desk during a commericial, not because of all that dough you’re stacking as a result of this ad campagin. Is this guy serious? Is anyone falling for this nonsense?

Look, standing in the fan section of a team that just broke the hearts of your “kids” and ruined your season is not evidence of your “giant heart,” it’s weak. It’s wack. It’s well, something that a phony snake oil salesmen from Ashville Norf Cuurlina would pull. The next time you do something that isn’t all about your image, your pocket book and your winning percentage will be the first time Roy. We’ve got you figured out buddy. You walk into recruits’ homes, wrap your arms around their mothers, have a good cry and pull hot players like a mufucka.. I’ll give him that. The boy can recruit! But can he coach? I’m not sold. After you get your face caved in by Kansas it isn’t time to go sit in their VIP section, strap on the Jayhawk sticker, which was strategically affixed to a plain black shirt by the way, and play “good ole Roy from Lawrence errrrr Chapel Hill errrr Ashville.” Whatever. This guy is as slippery as John Calipari. He just comes at you differently.

Roy, your team got embarrassed in a year where they were the prohibitive favorite to win it all. Do you think your fans in NC want to see yo’ candy ass on National TV with a Jayhawk sticker after they just dismantled your squad like that?

(Image from CarolinaSucks.com)

I know, I know, you have “great affection” for the Kansas “pro-grim,” it broke your heart to play that Final Four game, you’ll never do it again and it’s all because you’re just a class act. It shows. Phony.

– Lake

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15 Responses to “Ok, I get it: Roy Williams Loves Kansas”

  1. Kansas, 2008 National Champions Says:

    Awesome post. Couldn’t have said it better myself.

  2. Brad Says:

    As a Kansas fan, I thought it was a classy and endearing move. If I were a UNC fan, student athlete, donor, booster, assistant coach, faculty member, or anything else…well, I’d be pissed.

  3. UNC Dammit! Says:

    Rock Chaulk what the fuck!!!!!!! I am an UNC fan and I am pissed!!!!! If the Sugar walls are that good take your punk ass back to Kansas.. Yes, I said it!

  4. Roy is a fool Says:

    Fuck Roy.. That was total bullshit. Recruits see shit like that. Players who are deciding whether to stay go see that. What is wrong with that dude?

  5. Bobby Squealer Says:

    Who wrote this shit? That appears to be a picture of Mike Tyson. Is that who’s responsible for this almost unreadable, illiterately-written crap? Get a life, whoever you are and quit making a big deal out of nothing. Ultimately, Roy might have exercised poor judgment and he might even be a bit disingenuous at times, but to leap from that to questioning his abilities as a coach … now that’s more than a bit of a stretch.

    I guess you’re saying his enviable winning percentage and consistency in his profession are negated by the fact that he did something that many consider foolish, misguided or ill-advised? Not a very sound argument, but then again, whoever “you” are – you anonymous, ill-mannered, inbred, panty waist, bed wetting moron – I’m willing to bet you’ve never succeeded at much of anything.

    The loss was certainly embarrassing and substantial but I’m not sure the coach bears total responsibility for the fact that the Heels didn’t show up on Saturday and folded like a cheap suit. The team went down quicker than a female porn star. I’m a UNC grad and fan, and I couldn’t care less what sticker or logo Roy was wearing. I just wish we had won the game on Saturday.

  6. Brock Hardon Says:

    Bobby, take a look up top. This is Us Versus Them, that’s how we do it around these here parts. I don’t know how you handle your business but if one of my boys gets beat down, I’m probably not hanging out at his house the next night. Wait a minute, you said you were a UNC grad and fan…let me dumb this down a bit. If someone comes and steals and slaughters one of your cows, are you going over to have a Bessie burger the next day? You’re one of them for sure. I’m never….eeeeeeever rooting for UNC. And if Coach K showed up at the ACC tourney the day after we lost to Carolina we’d run his ass out of town too. A team is a team…ever been on one?

  7. Lake Arlington Says:

    Typical UNC idiot. Why do they always talk is if they hail from some elite institution? It’s UNC, a state school. Nobody is impressed outside of North Cak, understand it. And what I’m saying is quite simple, that Roy is an insincere cat. Kind of like your comment was insincere as you tried to frame it into something it was not. But I expect that from UNC grad/fan. Hey, if I ever have a sweet tea n’ hush puppy tasting contest, I’ll call Bobby the Hick from UNC. Otherwise, leave the rest to us pal….

  8. RosyF Says:

    Lake you had me up until that backhand to state schools. SNR. Don’t give state schools the people’s elbow cuz of some them.

  9. Lake Arlington Says:

    Sorry player.. in war there are casualties. Nothing personal..

  10. nitawinn Says:

    I couldn’t believe it when I opened the newspaper and saw a picture of Roy Williams sporting the Jay Hawks emblem!!!! I have been a Carolina fan for many, many years and this crushed me to the bone !!!!! I can only imagine how the players must have felt seeing it. It’s as if you just tossed them aside without any thought and flew them on back home. Don’t know that I am falling for the excuse..your son was in town. I think many of your supporters are “have beens” at this point. Hope you are aware of all the upset feelings we all have

  11. Hubert Says:

    All true basketball fans love the Tar Heels, Kansas, and UCLA…..
    If you know anything about basketball you will understand.
    Been a Tar Heel, Kansas and UCLA fan since the mid 1950’s

  12. Lake Arlington Says:

    “True basketball fans” have one or maybe two teams they follow. They don’t just follow the best teams. Those would be “casual basketball fans”, like that chick in HR who won your office pool this year. If I knew anything about basketball, are you serious?

    Just because you were watching hoops when it was just the klan out on the court doesn’t make you an authority “Hubert”… alright? ha Terrible.

  13. trinity Says:

    Roy is a dumbass.

  14. jam1wal2 Says:

    As far as Roy’s abilities, just remember he won the championship with Matt Doherty players, not his own. It be will interesting to see if he ever wins another championship.

  15. jpmarine Says:

    Gee UNC fans. I guess you grew up with a different University than I know. Roy has class, ability and only dumb asses like the ones above bashing him will turn recruits off. He likes KU. Big deal. He left KU to come HOME. he spent 15 years earning his pay there when that program was trashed. He turned them around. He will do his best to beat them next time. Tell you what, ask the Dean what he thinks about the pin thing. He will tell you you are acting like the true asses he saw at Maryland or UVA when he coached.

    do us all a favor, go pull for Duke. They could use the love

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