TO is still Crying


Okay, not really this is the same clip from before, but it is still funny.  KIR in NV ain’t lied, this is never going to stop being funny.

Thee guys actually cut the clip into the Coors Light style ad.



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3 Responses to “TO is still Crying”

  1. KIR in NV Says:

    Now, I didn’t actually witness this myself but I heard it went down like this:

    TO puts some work in here in Las Vegas, hitting up the clubs, posting up with skanks, cheesing for the cameras, etc. Not long after the ill-fated Cowboys meltdown and TO’s equally comical crying jag, he was in town to get over the hurt apparently. He was signing autographs or something when some drunken frat boy types started shouting, “Boo-hoo TO, wah-wah,” etc. TO did not take that mess in stride and had his people ask security to remove the offenders from his presence.

    Like I said, I have not been able to independently confirm this story. I would ask TO myself but, for reasons known to both of us, he wisely steers clear of me when he’s in town. I mean really, the only thing he’s done that I’ve approved of is his post-TD pom pom dance. Well, that and his crying on television. Both are high comedy. But I’m more of a Chad Johnson chick than a TO chick anyway.

    And speaking of Ocho Cinco, I got my eyes on you playboy and you are walking a thin line my man. STFU and do what you do. I don’t need any more sound bites with you popping off about your situation. I know it probably sucks but welcome to the world of Everyday Working Stiff. Strap on the pads and suck it up. I’m expecting big things from you this season. Don’t let me down.

  2. Be On It Says:

    Hmmm, KIR, did you lose points for being a Chad Johnson chick? Naw, you get a pass. But no self respecting man wears two-toned hair. Especially not a blonde fauxhawk.

    This season Chad Johnson will get outshined by his teammate TJ can’t spell his last name, because you reap lemons when you sow lemon seeds. That, and Cincy has been effin’ up its chemistry for the past couple of seasons. It’s like a girl who finally found a good guy, then drives him away w/ all her emotional baggae because she just knows something is wrong. SMH

  3. KIR in NV Says:

    Actually, it’s all about LT and the Chargers for me, except Philip Rivers – I still have not approved him for use in the NFL. I just like Chad’s entertainment value.

    Be, I’m with you on TJ Houshmandzadeh though (and yes, I copied and pasted that mofo). Sorry about my boy Marlon McCree laying his a$$ out in ’06. Also sorry that he dropped out of Barstow HS but I been THROUGH Barstow many a time and I feel him. I’da jumped too.

    For now, I’m gonna sit back and enjoy me some baseball and worry about these NFL bozos later. And for you haters who have been all over the interwebs with your nasty insinuations about Mr. Jacob Edward Peavy, Cy Young Award Winner, you need to back the hell up. Yes, Jake is filthy but he’s not filthy like that. Deal with it.

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